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Mike Diamond


Mike Diamond is Co-founder of ApexGMAT and as Director of Curriculum Development heads instructor training. Mike has a strong passion for education and the multiple ways people solve problems. At Apex, he develops instruction that is designed to be customized to the cognitive profiles of each of our clients, while recognizing and addressing the psychological and emotional components of the GMAT. He firmly believes that everyone's MBA goals are achievable with the right combination of cognitive guidance and personal drive. Mentoring future business leaders as they embark on their MBA journey is he finds the most fulfillment. Mike has a strong grounding in advanced mathematical modeling specializing in non-linear mathematics, stochastic calculus and statistical analysis which he has utilized in a career that spans finance, politics, and the classroom.

With 14 years’ experience in test preparation, Apex focuses on driven individuals seeking admission to the most competitive MBA programs around the world. Mike has personally tutored hundreds of successful MBA applicants to 700+ GMAT scores and has supported them through the MBA admissions process. He oversees a team of tutors who have each scored in excess of 770 on the GMAT, but more importantly bring cognitive empathy and a passion for teaching to Apex.