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Reflect™ Self-Assessment and Development Tool

Reflect™ Self-Assessment and Development Tool

Sharpen the leadership skills that admissions directors and corporate recruiters look for with a comprehensive tool designed to help you improve your professional qualities and plan for your success. The Reflect online tool can unlock your potential to help you reach your career goals.

Format: Online

The Reflect™ Self-Assessment and Development Tool evaluates your professional qualities – the very qualities that are important in today’s workplace – and provides concrete action items that help you learn more about yourself and how others see you. Like a career coach, Reflect helps you know yourself better so you can sharpen your leadership skills and improve your professional qualities by understanding what motivates you. Learn ways to tap into that knowledge in interviews, professional interactions, and your career.

  • Write a stronger application that showcases a self-awareness of your strengths and development areas—traits schools are looking for in their applicants.
  • Position yourself better in an interview by speaking knowledgably about your soft skills and personal development – not just your technical and cognitive skills.
  • Identify and build upon the 10 key competencies that 900 global corporate recruiters and 40 business schools identified as critical to success.

For $99.99 you get:

  • Three years of access to your report and resource library
  • Personalized tips, videos, and articles based on your results
  • Concrete action items that help you improve your strengths and address your weaknesses
  • Customizable work plan and career benchmarking tools

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Students who use the Reflect Self-Assessment and Development Tool are more effective cohort members during business school and better prepared for their post b-school career.

The Reflect tool evaluates 10 soft skills—such as innovation, operational thinking, and drive—that admissions directors, corporate recruiters, and top executives identified as critical to success in both the classroom and the workplace.

Four Reasons Why the Reflect Tool Matters:

  1. It’s insightful: The Reflect tool heightens your awareness of who you are at your core, which allows you to describe yourself in a more structured manner and illustrate how you can be an asset to the program to which you are applying.
  2. It’s actionable: You’ll receive a customized Reflect Report full of actionable tips and learning resources that will help you enhance your strong qualities and address your weaker ones. As you develop your skills, your performance in the classroom, on teams, and on work projects will also improve.
  3. It helps you improve career-specific skills: Reflect provides you with information on the skills most important for 14 careers, and the resources to help you develop those skills, making you more attractive to recruiters.
  4. It helps you prepare for interviews. The Reflect tool provides you with a business vocabulary that allows you to describe how your skills and experiences are applicable to the internship or job and an asset to the organization.

The Reflect product helps you prepare for success. With your purchase, you'll receive:


  1. Personalized report that explains your results in each of 10 key competencies
  2. Learning resources provided to further your professional development
  3. Development tips that are customized based on your strengths and development opportunities


  1. List of 12 behaviors to start, stop, and keep doing to enhance your career development
  2. Behavior recommendations that are linked to your evaluation results on specific competencies
  3. Action tips provided to help implement those behaviors


  1. Learning resources, actions, and tips that can be added to your Workplan, making them more accessible
  2. A virtual library of more than 1,000 learning resources

Once you purchase the Reflect product, a license will be emailed to you, along with instructions on how to activate the key. Upon activation, you will be required to create an account to take the assessment. Note that a license key can only be used once, and users will have access to the product for three (3) years following activation.

The assessment is available in 22 languages; the assessment results are delivered in English. 

System Requirements


  • Windows®
    Intel® Pentium® II 450MHz, AMD Athlon™ 600MHz or faster processor (or equivalent)
    Display Resolution 1024 by 768
    256MB of RAM
    Audio Card
  • Macintosh®
    PowerPC® G3 500MHz or faster processor
    Intel Core™ Duo 1.33GHz or faster processor
    Display Resolution 1024 by 768
    256MB of RAM
  • Apple iPad


This program requires Adobe® Flash® version 9 or higher to view learning content.

Operating Systems:  Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows Vista; Microsoft Windows 8; Mac OS X v10.5 or later; and, iOS 5.0 + 

Browsers:  Internet Explorer 7.0+; Firefox 16.x +; and, Chrome 21.x +, Safari 3.x+

What are soft skills?

Also known as competencies, soft skills are the important leadership skills that are not measured on standardized tests or acquired in the classroom. They embody your ability to work with others, make critical decisions, and think strategically – all factors that drive success.

How does the Reflect product work?

The Reflect product is based on three academically and commercially proven world-class assessments from Hogan Assessments. Using 10 competencies defined by over 800 corporate recruiters and 40 graduate business schools as being important in the workplace, the Reflect product helps you understand your personal and professional strengths and development areas. Those insights are turned into action items to help you grow and achieve your professional goals or take the next step in your professional education.

How does the Reflect tool help an individual improve their soft skills?

The Reflect tool helps you build skills that offset weaknesses and leverage strengths. For example, a person high in Innovation may provide many new ideas and concepts to a team (the positive), but might not be able to stop providing insights – even after the team has agreed to a solution (the negative). By using the Reflect tool, that individual can modify their behavior to be more productive and foster new skills to avoid potential derailers.

Why are soft skills important?

It is well-documented in corporate and education settings around the world that soft skills – personal attributes that enhance an individual’s interactions, job performance, and career prospects – are important to how work gets done and how individual and organizational success is achieved.

What does the Reflect tool measure?

The Reflect tool measures your natural inclination. The Reflect Report you receive after taking the assessment helps you understand how others might perceive you, from how you interact with people to how you handle challenges.

How is the Reflect tool different from other assessments?

The Reflect tool is different from other assessments in several ways:

  • It was designed to be self-paced and interpreted by an individual – without the support of a career or leadership coach
  • It provides 200 resources tailored to your results
  • It was developed with input from corporate recruiters and business schools
  • Its interactive benchmarking feature helps you identify any key “gaps” between their competencies and those important in their chosen field
  • It offers a workshop area where users can track the key actions and behaviors they want to work on, along with their favorite learning resources
  • It provides access to a full library of learning materials
  • Its content is written in the language of business, not psychology, psychometrics, or personality

What do I get with the Reflect product?

With the Reflect product, you receive access to:

  • 3 Hogan assessments
  • An individualized Reflect Report
  • A virtual library of more than 1,000 learning resources
  • A list of 12 activities and behaviors to start, stop, and keep doing that are based on an your score and designed to enhance career development
  • Interactive career benchmarking feature that highlights the drivers of success in 14 career families
  • Online access from anywhere, including an iPod, iPad and other mobile devices

How long does it take to complete the assessment?

The Reflect assessment is divided into four sections and takes approximately 45-60 minutes to complete. You can start and stop at any time; when you return to the assessment, they are automatically redirected to where you left off.

Who will see Reflect scores?

Scores are completely private – only you will see the Reflect score.

How long do users have access to the Reflect product?

The license key, which you receive, is valid for 3 years. Once the key is activated, access to the Reflect report and related resources is good for 3 years.

What makes the Reflect tool particularly applicable to graduate business students?

The Reflect tool delivers results through the lens and in the language of business (rather than psychology or personality), making it more applicable to the graduate business school experience.

How will the Reflect tool prepare you for internship and post-graduate school job interviews?

By helping you truly understand their leadership skills, the Reflect tool provides the business vocabulary to describe how your skills and experiences are applicable to the internship or job and an asset to the organization.