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GMATPrep® Exam Pack 1

GMATPrep® Exam Pack 1

Enhance your free GMATPrep® software download with two more full-length practice exams, featuring 90 additional questions. Simulate the real GMAT test-taking experience, review your progress, and take advantage of enhanced score reporting to develop effective study strategies.

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Alert: To install and use GMATPrep® Question Pack 1 or Exam Packs 1 & 2, you must first download the latest GMATPrep version (v2.4.323).

Practicing with purpose and simulating the test-taking environment are essential to getting the score you want on the GMAT exam. Now that you’ve downloaded our free GMATPrep® software and taken the practice exams, you can further extend your test-taking preparation by adding two never-before-seen, full-length exams featuring 90 real GMAT questions.  Each exam provides you with enhanced score reporting which will include a separate score report summary for the Quant, Verbal, and Integrated Reasoning (IR) sections, giving you even more diagnostics to customize your study efforts. 

Download Free GMATPrep Software

If you don’t have the latest version of our free GMATPrep software, download it today to get started!

Exam Pack 1 integrates seamlessly with the GMATPrep® software. Key features include:

  • 2 full-length computer adaptive practice tests* with answers (answer explanations not included)
  • Enhanced score reporting for all completed exams in GMATPrep Exam Pack 1.
    • The Quant and Verbal score report provides results by question type including, user score, mean score, and percentile ranking on each subsection.
    • The IR score report includes user score, percentile ranking and time management reporting.
    • Valuable time management reporting to gauge your pacing
  • Enhanced score reporting will also be available for free exams with the purchase the GMATPrep Exam Pack 1.

Download Free GMATPrep Software

GMATPrep® software
In order to use the GMATPrep® Exam Pack, you need to have already installed the free GMATPrep® software v2.4.323. If you have a previous version, you must update to v2.4.323 first.

The GMATPrep® software will help you prepare, practice and improve:

  • Prepare: learn about the test, the math skills you will need, and a step-by-step guide to getting ready for the GMAT® exam
  • Practice: try real GMAT® exam questions (90 are included), review your progress, and apply what you’ve learned in two full-length GMAT® exams
  • Improve: explore strategies to help you go further and find additional prep tools to meet your needs

Don’t have it yet? Download the latest version here.

*Note: With Exam Pack 1, you receive 2 full-length exams, on your 3rd attempt on either exam, you will see repeated questions. 

There are no refunds for digital products.

Please note: You are only allotted three (3) activations for the GMATPrep extension packs. Once the 18-digit code has been activated three (3) times, you must deactivate it from one of the other devices to install the exam pack/question pack on a new machine. You can deactivate only content that is currently installed and active. We do not have the ability to deactivate software from your computer. If you are unable to deactivate the additional content, you must re-purchase it.

System Requirements

Alert: To install Exam Pack 1, you need to have already installed the latest version of the free GMATPrep® software (v2.4.323). Don't have it yet? Download the latest version here.

The free GMATPrep® software is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows Vista® with Service Pack 2; Windows 7® with Service Pack 1; Windows 8.1® or Windows 10®
  • Mac OS X v10.9, v10.10, v10.11
    • Note: Some users are having issues activating the additional content on the recently released Mac OS X 10.12. If you are unable to install and activate the additional content, you will need to try to install the software on another machine. We are currently working on a solution for newer operating systems.

Additional system requirements are listed in the GMATPrep® download page in the Technical Requirements tab.

    Technical Support

    • Email: gmatprep@mba.com
    • Phone (US and Canada): +1 866 739-0238 (toll free)
    • Phone (international): +1 703 668-9602

    GMATPrep® Software License Agreement | Adobe Software License Agreement

    Questions? Review the GMATPrep FAQs