Comprehending The New Features

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In 2015 GMAC launched new features to improve & streamline GMAT® exam experience.

In 2015 The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) introduced four key features to the GMAT exam in an effort to improve and streamline the GMAT® exam experience for test takers. GMAC asked thousands of candidates and test takers about their experience with the GMAT and how we could make it better. As mentioned in a previous blog post from June 24th, “Improving the GMAT Exam Experience for MBA Candidates”, GMAC is committed to enhancing the GMAT exam experience for test takers. In an effort to give test takers more information about the new features we created a new infographic called Comprehending The New Features, featured below.

For further details, visit Improving the GMAT Exam Experience for MBA Candidates. Click here to download the full infographic!