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Lois Vogle

What You Should Look for in a Quality MBA Program

Return on investment is at the top of the list for most students, but that’s not all. It’s not a singular expectation, it’s plural, or at least it should be.


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Unlock the Door to a Successful Admissions Interview

Jun 6, 2013
Tags: Admissions Requirements, Applications, B-School, School Selection

How you perform in your interview will often determine whether you’re admitted.
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Sweat Equity: How to Get the Biggest Return from Business School

May 21, 2013
Tags: B-School, Choosing the Right School, MBA

Get the most return from your MBA because business school is a big investment!
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How to Survive Your MBA Admissions Interview

May 7, 2013
Tags: Admissions Committees, Admissions Process, Admissions Requirements

Rise to the top and stand out with a stellar interview.
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GMAT Strong: Four Steps to Becoming a Better Test Taker

Apr 30, 2013
Tags: GMAT, GMAT Prep, School Selection

Getting ready for the GMAT exam takes time and hard work, and it also takes the right approach.
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