Meet B-School Students with Your Skills

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Deciding to pursue a graduate business degree is an important and impactful step in your career. Hear from engineers who are succeeding in b-school, or who have recently graduated and are thriving in their careers..

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Q & A with Allison Smith

"Engineering provided me strong critical thinking and problem solving skills, and having a solid grasp of statistics was also very useful."

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Q & A with Damaune Y. Journey

"The types of work engineers do tend be dramatically different from the typical consultant/banker applicants, providing another source of differentiation."

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Q & A with Jackie DiMonte

"There’s a lot of credibility that comes with an engineering background."

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Q & A with Karin Lilliedahl

"There are so many different types of engineering, but at the end of the day, we all learned how to logically and effectively solve problems."

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Q & A with Yelani Naranjo

"I wanted to move in to a product management role to solve a gap in understanding the customer and market needs."

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