Control Your GMAT Experience with These Three Features

Take advantage of GMAT® Official Starter Kit + Practice Exams 1 & 2, Score Preview, and the Enhanced Score Report to optimize your GMAT experience for your best score.

The GMAT exam features several enhancements before, during and after the exam that give you more control over your GMAT experience. Use the free GMAT® Official Starter Kit + Practice Exams 1 & 2, Score Preview, and the Enhanced Score Report to your advantage so you can efficiently focus on your exam and get your best score yet.

Step 1: Use free GMAT® Official Starter Kit + Practice Exams 1 & 2 before your exam.

Take practice exams, review the material, and get to know the format so there are no surprises on the day you take the GMAT. When you purchase GMAT® Official Practice Exams 3 & 4, you will receive access to the Enhanced Score Report giving you personalized details about your practice exams. Learn how you handle different question types, pacing, and percentile ranking.

Access your free GMAT® Official Starter Kit + Practice Exams 1 & 2 now.

Step 2: Preview your score before sending to schools.

You don't have to guess how you did or accept less than your best. Find out your score immediately after you complete your exam with Score Preview. Prospective business students taking the GMAT exam can preview their unofficial scores before deciding whether to report or cancel them before leaving the test center. This score reporting feature is available to all test takers at all 600 test centers around the world that administer the GMAT exam. With Score Preview, you see your unofficial scores—Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal, and Total—and are given two minutes to decide whether to accept them. If you do not make a choice, your scores are canceled. Under the extended score cancellation policy, candidates will be able to cancel their scores online for up to 72 hours after completing the exam for a $25 fee. To get the most out of this feature, we recommend that you know what score you're willing to accept so that when asked whether you wish to send your scores or cancel them, you already know your answer. Your cancelled scores will not be shown or otherwise indicated on your score reports. For more information on this feature, please click here.

If you decide to cancel your scores at the test center, you have the ability to reinstate your cancelled GMAT scores online, up to four years and 11 months after your exam date, for a $50 fee. After that, scores will not be retrievable. Please note: Analytical Writing Assessment scores are not included on unofficial score reports available immediately but are reported on official score reports delivered within 20 days.

Step 3: Evaluate your performance after your exam.

By using the GMAT® Enhanced Score Report (ESR), you will gain control over your GMAT exam and better understand your results. Your Enhanced Score Report gives you a detailed analysis of your performance—by question type, areas for focus, and pacing—so you can hone your studies and do even better next time around. Your ESR will also guide you through your last results, providing an inside look at how you did on each section with response timing to show you which questions took you the longest to complete.

Fine-tune your score next time with your ESR. For more effective pacing and time management, your ESR makes it easy to see what sections of the test you're spending the most time on. To pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, the ESR gives you an in-depth breakdown by question type and section for a more complete overview of how you did on your exam.

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Key features of the Enhanced Score Report:Enhanced Score Report

  • Overall section performance ranking
  • Performance ranking by question type
  • Time management ranking
  • Percentage of questions answered correctly
  • Average response time
  • Customized summary report for each section that assesses strengths and weaknesses
  • Ability to benchmark against other test takers from the past three years
  • Available to those who have taken the exam after October 1, 2013, for five years after your exam date
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Boost your confidence. Boost your score. Control your GMAT exam and get the confidence that comes from having the best information possible at all stages of the exam process. With these features as an integral part of your exam experience, you will feel better prepared and better informed before, during and after the exam.