Employers Value the GMAT Exam

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The GMAT exam will help you stand out during the admissions process. The GMAT exam is the most widely used and trusted indicator of academic success in MBA and other graduate business degree programs. In fact, 9 out of 10 MBA admissions decisions are made using a GMAT score. So if you’re serious about business school, take the GMAT exam.

What Corporate Recruiters Say

Demand is up for MBA grads in 2015. Discover what corporate recruiters are saying about job prospects.

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Melissa Evers-Hood

What Are Recruiters Looking For? Hear from Intel

In this video, find out why Intel Corporation relies on candidates with exceptional data analytics skills.

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Kristina Liphardt

What Are Recruiters Looking For? Hear from Ernst & Young

Learn why Ernst & Young looks for candidates who can analyze multiple data sources.

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Ann Nowak

What Are Recruiters Looking For? Hear from Liberty Mutual

In this video, hear Liberty Mutual's Anne Nowak about recruiting candidates who have the information analysis skills necessary to manage risk.

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