The Integrated Reasoning Prep Tool Helps You Showcase the Skills that Matter Most to Schools and Employers

Apr 24, 2014
Tags: GMAT Prep, Integrated Reasoning

Integrated reasoning skills are in demand – by graduate business programs, global employers, and recruiters. GMAC developed the Integrated Reasoning (IR) section of the GMAT exam as a way to measure “big data” skills – your ability to evaluate and synthesize information presented in multiple formats. The IR section offers you one more way to differentiate yourself from others and demonstrate your ability to succeed in the business school classroom and in our data-driven, technologically advanced workplace. In other words, the IR section gives critical thinkers and integrators a chance set themselves apart.

Nine out of 10 employers seek to hire business school graduates who can demonstrate the “big data” skills that the IR section measures, so your ability to analyze information from a variety of sources and develop strategies to make smart decisions is in high demand. The bottom line is that your integrated reasoning skills correlate with your success in the business world. That’s what employers are after—their success depends on your success. 

And business schools agree. “This has been called the era of big data, and it is increasingly evident that the future will be claimed by those able to see the critical patterns among overwhelming complexity,” said Christine Poon, dean of The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business and former vice chairman of Johnson & Johnson’s board of directors and worldwide chairman of the Pharmaceuticals Group.

Introducing a New Test Prep Tool to Help You Develop and Shine a Spotlight on Your Integrated Reasoning Skills

With the introduction of The Official GMAT Integrated Reasoning Prep Tool, you now have access to a powerful web-based resource to help prepare for your best GMAT and showcase the important skills that business schools and global employers seek today.

IR Prep ToolThe Integrated Reasoning Prep Tool comes from the maker of the GMAT exam and is the only standalone Integrated Reasoning prep product that contains official IR items – 48 official Integrated Reasoning questions and answer explanations that have never been seen before in any other prep product. Purchasers will have access to the web-based tool for six months for unlimited practice sessions, and the option of purchasing an additional three months. 

Users may customize question sets, and take advantage of tools to help with pacing. GMAC created the Integrated Reasoning Prep Tool to help you master these skills because we understand how much they are valued in today’s classrooms and workplace. Now you have the opportunity to practice for the Integrated Reasoning section of the GMAT exam in the same way you can for the other sections – with an Official GMAT product.

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