Newest Official GMAT Study Guides Released

Sep 30, 2009
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I am very excited that we have launched the next of our new, second editions of The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review and The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review. With new questions, updated answer explanations and a new publisher to help us get the books in places that make them easier for you to find, the books—and access to the books—are better than ever.

What I like best about the launch of the books though, is that I get to read the opinions of everyone who discusses the books on book-seller sites, blogs, and Facebook pages. When I work with the team to develop the book, we start with you in mind. We want to give you the best material we have available to help you prepare for the exam. Quality is important to us, but so is meeting your needs. So I like to hear from you what works, what doesn’t, what you’re worried about, and what you really don’t need.

Preparing for the exam can be an anxiety-ridden process. I’ve been there—I sat for the GMAT exam and went to a full-time business program. Once I sat for the exam, even though it was 10 points off of the score I was striving for, I decided I was never going to go through that again. It was two months of studying, research, more studying, interviews, and intense decision making—in one word: STRESSFUL.

Then I was hired by GMAC to manage marketing and development of our test-preparation products five years ago. I couldn’t believe I was now working for the company that at one point I perceived as my arch-enemy, the roadblock to my future, the gate between me and the rest of my life.

I see that same anxiety, the same questions, the same stress in your questions and comments. You are striving for success, trying to do even better than your best in order to achieve your goals, whatever they may be. I hope that in some measure, our guides and other test-preparation products can ease that stress. We may be the owners of a high-stakes and challenging exam, but in the end, we’re a team of 135 very dedicated people who care about education and our customers.

So check out the latest edition of  The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review and The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review today—get some extra practice and be as ready as you can be for your test appointment!

(There’s a new edition of The Official Guide for GMAT Review this year, too—order your copy today!)

 — Allison Riley, Associate Director, Product Management