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Entrepreneurial Women Find Success Through B-School

Mar 15, 2018
Tags: Entrepreneurs, Women in B-School

In recognition of International Women’s Day, this data brief shares details about aspiring female entrepreneurs in the business school candidate pipeline.
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Three Reasons Why More Women Are Applying to Business School

Mar 30, 2017
Tags: Diversity, Women in B-School

Trends in the areas of program options, candidate recruitment, and career outcomes that provide some insight as to why women around the world are deciding that now is the time to pursue a graduate management education.
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Now is the Time to Consider an MBA

Mar 22, 2017
Tags: Business School, Diversity, Prepare for the GMAT, Women in B-School

Women focused on their career advancement make the decision to take the GMAT exam because it is accepted at more global business schools than any other admissions test.
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Women Gaining Career Momentum

Mar 14, 2013
Tags: Business School, Official GMAT, Women in B-School

Women are highly motivated when it comes to earning a graduate business degree and advancing their career.
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