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How Do You Like to Study? It’s Time to Study—Your Way

Jun 19, 2018
Tags: Official GMAT, Official Guides

From the makers of the GMAT® exam, the GMAT® Official Guide 2019 series is available in print or eBook.
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The B-School Experience Is More International Than Ever

May 31, 2018
Tags: Business School

Because business leadership in the 21st century requires a global perspective, the business school experience has evolved considerably over the last stretch of years to be more international than ever.
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Exactly how long is the new GMAT® exam?

May 21, 2018
Tags: Official GMAT, Prepare for the GMAT

Everything you need to know about what changed with the new GMAT exam --- and how long is it really.
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The GMAT® Exam is 30 Minutes Shorter

May 2, 2018
Tags: Official GMAT

Now there’s an even better reason to take the GMAT® exam. The GMAT® exam is a half hour shorter, saving you valuable time.
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