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Challenging a GMAT Question or AWA Score

Apr 7, 2010
Tags: Official GMAT

Did you know that you have the option to challenge a question or score?
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International Women's Day

Mar 8, 2010
Tags: Official GMAT, Women in B-School

International Women's Day and what this means for you.
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Taking the stress out of the GMAT

Jan 21, 2010
Tags: GMAT Appointment, GMAT Prep, GMAT Test Center, Official GMAT, Prepare for the GMAT, Study Tips for the GMAT

Learn about the GMAT testing environment so that you can alleviate stress on the day of your exam.
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Applying for an Accommodation while Juggling B-School Admission Deadlines

Nov 11, 2009
Tags: Admissions, Financial Aid, Official GMAT

Get a quick response on your accommodation application.
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