Claudia Ortiz, Saint Louis University, Class of 2016

Jan 30, 2018
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"Use the GMAT exam as an opportunity to start your learning journey."

Claudia OrtizSubmitted by Claudia Ortiz, Part-time MBA graduate from Saint Louis University.

"My name is Claudia Ortiz. I was born and raised in Mexico and I came to United States in 2013 with my husband Erick. I’ve been working in the Nielsen Company since 2010, and I’ve had the opportunity to work in different roles and clients during my tenure in Nielsen. I have worked with Retailers in Mexico and US, and currently I am onsite at Nestle Purina.  I enjoy running with my friends and getting to know people from other culture and backgrounds.

Dream career: I would like to become a business leader with international Marketing emphasis, who helps others in their careers.

Why Business School? The MBA was the best option for me, since it not only helped me to have a better understanding on how to do business in America but also helped me to develop important skills, which I’ve been using at my current role.

Best GMAT study tip? Take advantage of the practice tests to measure your progress and also to be aware of your weaknesses

Before business school, I was: an Associate Client Manager at the Nielsen Company, supporting regional retailers in the US.

When I’m not in class, you’ll find me: Running in the park or volunteering at World Pediatric Project.

Advice for anyone thinking about b-school? A business program gives students a holistic view about different areas, such as Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, etc. Which definitely has a positive impact in our professional development.

My remedy for pre-test nerves: Praying always help me to be calm and relax.

On the day before your exam, you should: Do something relaxing, take a walk, run, etc.

How did you fit studying for the GMAT exam into your busy schedule? I study during the evenings and weekends in order to prepare for this test. It is important to set up goals and develop a timeline.

How well-prepared for business school do you feel, after studying for the GMAT exam? As an international Student, I definitely had more confidence to start the program.

Claudia Ortiz

Non-English Speakers Can Benefit from Studying for the GMAT® Exam

"Studying for the GMAT exam really helped me with my professional development, since I was exposed to vocabulary, problems, and readings."

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"Hello, my name is Claudia Ortiz, and I just graduated from the part-time MBA program at Saint Louis University. I was born and raised in Mexico, and when I decided to enroll in a graduate program that required the GMAT® exam, I was hoping to present this test in Spanish. But I found that the GMAT is just offered in English, which I thought would be a disadvantage, not only for me but for many international students. However, I realized I could benefit from studying for the GMAT. Studying for the GMAT really helped me with my professional development, since I was exposed to different vocabulary, problems, and readings that helped me right away. So I would like to invite all international students to not get discouraged because of the GMAT. Instead, take this as an opportunity to start your learning journey since you are preparing for this test. Thank you so much."

Claudia Ortiz

Why International Students Should Consider Studying in the US

"I believe that studying in a different country from your country of origin really brings a lot of positive things to the table."

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"Hi, today we’re going to talk about why international students should consider studying an MBA in the US. I believe that studying in a different country from your country of origin really brings a lot of positive things to the table. I had the opportunity in college to study in France where I learned a lot about the culture. And it was not only because I lived there, but mostly because I attended school. Studying for my MBA in the US has really helped me have a better understanding of the US language of business and culture. It’s even a little bit different how to create an email when you’re working in Latin America versus when you’re working in the US, or how different are the legal systems, or how to do negotiations in different countries. So, really my MBA in the US has helped me close the gap and helped my performance in my current role. Additionally, I had the opportunity to enroll in different international courses where I not only learned about doing business in America but also had the exposure to doing business in other nations. So, doing an MBA in the US not only gives you that knowledge of the US but also of different countries. Thank you."

Claudia Ortiz

How an MBA Can Help You Enhance Your Career

"In my opinion, an MBA helps students add value to their career right away."

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"Hello, we’re going to learn today about how the MBA can help students take our careers to the next level. In my opinion, an MBA helps students add value to their career right away. Throughout the MBA, I was able to apply several concepts in my day-to-day work, and I want to share with you some of the examples that really show my manager and my team the value of my program. In my management class, I learned a team-building activity to avoid developing dysfunctional that could apply to many different teams. So, I was able to facilitate that activity at my job. Another example is that at my job I present in front of large groups of people, so I was able to enroll in a public speaking workshop as part of one of my electives that really gave me a lot of confidence, tricks, and I learned a lot of different skills that I’m still using. Moreover, I was able to share with my clients some of the current new business cases that are relevant to them. So, I would like to invite students to start sharing their learnings and concepts with their teams and managers that will add value, but also provide value to the program and help us move our careers to the next level."