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Sep 9, 2014
Tags: Business School, Military, Veterans

The technical, business, and managerial skills you will gain in a graduate business program are the perfect complement to the leadership and problem-solving skills you’ve developed while serving in the military. In fact, the skills gained in the military make veterans and current military personnel attractive candidates during the admissions process. So whether you’re just getting started and researching program options or you’re well on your way studying for the GMAT and preparing your application, GMAC is committed to providing you with a variety of resources to support you as you take this next step in your career.

Business schools recognize how valuable student veterans are in the classroom. You have experiences that can’t be matched or measured; you’re able to think critically, swiftly and make decisions in pressure-filled situations. And you’re usually 15 minutes early to everything. So after learning about schools that are committed to recruiting and supporting talented veterans, spend some time learning about how to put forth your best application package.

The Operation MBA Military Planner should be your first stop – this comprehensive document explains how you can leverage your leadership and management experience into an exciting post-military career. You’ll meet MBA alums who have gone on to work in diverse fields such as consulting and the non-profit world.

Our Official GMAT Military Blog is a place to hear directly from fellow veterans! They’ve been there, or they’re going through what you’re going through, and want to share their experiences and learnings to pay it forward.  Check back regularly to meet a new student veteran!

We created this hub to provide you with snapshots of people like you. Maybe they’re you a few years ago, you today, or a future you five or 10 years down the road, but they’re all snapshots of individuals who share a commitment and passion to serve and raise the bar. So spend some time, bookmark the pages you like, follow the journey of fellow veterans pursuing a similar path, and best of luck as you embark on the next exciting journey in your career!