Advice from a Wharton Couple

Jan 1, 0001
Tags: MBA

Amy and Mike DaschleMy husband and I decided to pursue our MBAs after serving in the military because it is a transformative life experience which has helped open up unparalleled opportunities which we would not have had immediately following our time in service. Going through the application process requires a significant amount of introspection, research and preparation and it is helpful to start early. It is also important to make every attempt to visit the programs you are planning to apply to so that you can get a feel for the community and better understand what each program offers. Nearly each program has a veterans’ organization which often helps military applicants through the application process.

At Wharton we have a very robust veterans community and we work closely with the admissions committee so that we can help military applicants during their visits to campus, host a military applicants events twice a year, make ourselves available to help answer application questions and share our experiences about the transition to business school and the corporate sector.

In addition to making visits and connecting with veterans in each program, it is also important to reflect on why you want to pursue an MBA and what you hope to accomplish afterwards. Take the time to reflect on these goals closely and communicate them through your essays and interviews. Work hard to score well on your GMAT/GRE and also reach out to other veterans at business school or in the corporate sector to help review your resume, which is often something that is quite unfamiliar to military applicants building their resumes for the first time.

When it comes to applying to business school as a couple, it is important to speak with your partner about finding the best place for the both of you. Apply to multiple programs and focus on ensuring that each of you has an application that can stand on its own merit. By preparing early and taking the time to connect with current students in person, by email or over the phone you can learn so much about the program, opportunities, and the application process.

Good luck!