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Sep 17, 2012
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Q&A Log

Welcome to this special edition of #MBAChat! This chat is part of our #GMAT Prep Camp. Today we are talking with @TuckAdmissions #mbachat 

Q: Tuck offers an on-campus interview to any prospective #MBA student. Why is that important to the school? 

A: Interviews help gauge fit, knowledge of resources and interpersonal skills...essential for small schools #mbachat 

Q: How do you guage fit in the interview? What qualities are important? #mbachat 

A: A candidate can show fit through energy level, knowledge and understanding of Tuck and career goals #mbachat 

Q: I do not have a formal work experience, but I am socially active and have also founded a finance based start-up... 

A: We value the startup experience, but some longevity can help you be competitive with other applicants.

Q: Are applicants truly at a disadvantage applying in Round 2 vs. Round 1? Is Round 2 more competitive at Tuck? 

A: You are only at an advantage applying round 1 if your application is ready. Otherwise you should wait. #mbachat 

Q: I am a college senior. Am I ready for an #MBA? 

A: Knowing you are ready is important. Understanding how Tuck values work ex is the other half of the equation. You may be ready for some programs. Tuck students tend to have full time work exp. - avg. 5 years. Entrep. exper may be considered. Depends on quality, quantity and results. 2 yrs post undergrad typical for Tuck. 

Q: Is there an added benefit of going on to get your MBA full time, rather than juggling work and school? 

A: FT MBA provides additional value of incredible job search resources and a summer between yr 1 and 2 to experiment 

Q: would employers think it is odd to begin my masters full time and then resume work once complete? 

A: That is a very common trajectory. 

Q: I have score 80.13 % in Diploma and 62.30% in Degree (Graduation) will that affect my admission chances? 

A: it is all a part of your story and profile. There are no rules or weights, but your passion shines through... #mbachat 

Q: Question bc we see it a lot - how do you feel about consulting as a short-term/springboard goal? #mbachat 

A: Consulting makes sense for many MBAs. Proving it to admissions and future employers is key. #mbachat 

Q: Will a drop in GPA greatly affect my chances of getting in? #mbachat 

A: Usually candidates will explain a drop and we are able to put it into context with your overall record #mbachat 

Q: How do the best applicants get a strong sense of Tuck values/culture (to leverage in apps)? 

A: Visiting campus or attending a Tuck event...reaching out to alums...Tuck Connections #mbachat 

Q: What can a #bschool candidate expect during a campus visit that has been arranged by Admissions? #mbachat 

A: You interview, meet students, sit in on a class, talk to admissions. #mbachat 

Q: How can a student who may not have the right GPA or #GMAT scores for Tuck gain an advantage with the interview? how much will that affect ?in Negative or Positive? 

A: Hard to quantify, app evals are holistic, part of your story, but it sounds impressive! 

Q: Do student interested in entrepreneurship typically pursue traditional summer internships? #mbachat 

A: Typically they do, but focus on orgs in their field of interest. Internships are a good way to expand your network, which is esp important for entrepreneurs. 

Q: Do applicants ever surprise you in their perceptions of Tuck culture, and has that impacted the Tuck brand? 

A: Sometimes...but most often candidates have done their hw #mbachat 

Q: does Tuck offer specialization in Entrepreneurship? 

A: Not in gen mgmt prog, BUT awesome resources for e'ship focused resources & #mbachat 

  Q: If I am a foreign student and my credits are not equivalent to GPA, that put me in some disadvantage? How Tuck calculate my GPA? 

A: No disadvantage. We have an experienced cttee who has seen numerous transcripts 

Q: How much weight on IR is Tuck School of Business giving in its 2013 Admissions ? 

A: 1st yr for IR data, excited to see how info will inform process. prob a benchmark year 

Q: do we need to Postal mail you all the transcripts and GMat offical score or E-mailing you the scanned copy will do? 

A: transcript self reported in Tuck app; GMAT score reported to us via GMAC; save your stamps for postcards from hanover! 

Q: Can a Caribbean student be offered a place at Tuck? 

A: We have a diverse student population with students from over 42 countries and are 30% international #mbachat 

Q: I dont have great academic record but 3 yrs of govt job experience. How does that affect my chances of an US Mba. 

A: Work experience, strong GMAT/GRE, and interpersonal skills can often tip the scales in your favor 

Q: Am i eligible for on Campus job after doing MBA Course in Entrepreneurship 

A: Independent Study would be available to you, possible Teach asst or tutor, depends on visa status if int'l

Q: Are there any proposed changes in GMAT format that could be implemented in next 2 years? 

A: No plans to any changes in the GMAT exam within the next two years 

Q: Once accepted in Tuck or any university, I've read about the I-20 document? can you give me more info about this please. 

A: I-20 = form that int'l office will help with, tip is apply EARLY to have time for visa approvals 

Q: What are your top three tips for a winning #MBA application? #MBAchat 

A: Think about your story before you start, be honest and authentic, proofread! #mbachat 

Q: Am i eligible for on Campus job after doing MBA Course in Entrepreneurship . Job as in Campus placement 

A: oh, yes, of course! all students eligible for on campus recruiting. #mbachat 

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