Twitter Chat with EBS Business School and IE Business School

Oct 15, 2012
Tags: School Selection

Welcome to this special edition of #MBAchat! Today we are talking with @iebusinessLIVE and @EBSuniversitaet about standing out from the crowd. 

Q: What are some of the unique qualities you look for in an ideal MBA applicant? EBS Business School: An ideal candidate is strong in all aspects of the admissions criteria, is focused and determined on their career path.  

IE Business School: We look for diverse candidates who are motivated, have an entrepreneurial spirit and will be socially responsible leaders. 

Q: What are the application deadlines for your programmes? 

EBS Business School: We have a rolling admission process up until end of June for our September intake.  

IE Business School: IE has a rolling admission process, however we recommend applying in advance.  Go to for more information. 

Q: what are your GMAT score requirements? 

EBS Business School: We expect a GMAT score of at least 600.  

IE Business School: Our average GMAT is 670 but we take a holistic approach to admissions evaluating experience, motivation and fit for the programme. 

Q: What 3 things would you recommend to a student applying to your programme? 

EBS Business School: Have a strong desire to work in a global environment, possess cross-cultural awareness and be entrepreneurially minded. 

IE Business School: 1) Research our programmes and school and see if IE is the right fit for you 2) Come and meet us, we have +25 offices worldwide, come to our campus, meet our alumni or students 3) Differentiate yourself, competition is strong so submit the best application possible. 

Q: How would you describe your school culture? What differentiates your School? 

EBS Business School: High-level learning in small groups, individual one-to-one coaching sessions, and a very strong corporate network.  

IE Business School: Our school culture is collaborative and entrepreneurial. For more info about our programmes and events check: and 

Q: what are some of the advantages of studying in Germany?  

EBS Business School: Germany is in a very good economic driving position in Europe with strong employment opportunities.  All of courses are taught in English.  

Q: What types of financial aid or support do you offer candidates wanting to join your MBA?

EBS Business School: We offer a range of scholarships to strong candidates on a review basis. Apply early for the best opportunity.  

IE Business School: IE offers scholarships, fellowships and loans. IE has over 100 merit-based scholarships. 

Q:  I'm interested in studying in Sweden. On what basis am I to choose the best university?

EBS Business School: Choose the university that offers you the best career platform.  

IE Business School: Research the school culture and values to see if they´re aligned to your personal and career goals. 

Q:  what is the best way to differentiate myself from others? 

EBS Business School: Be innovative; demonstrate how you can best contribute to the programme.  

IE Business School: Think outside the box and highlight personal and professional achievements that are aligned to the School’s values and culture. 

Q: I’m a consultant preparing for the GMAT and looking to move into a leadership position. Which stream/school do you suggest? 

EBS Business School: We offer tracks that set you up for success in a global environment that give you a strategic edge in your career. 

IE Business School: Look at different school curriculums and career services. At IE we offer a career consulting track and leadership programme. 

Q: Is the #GMAT score required?  

EBS Business School: Yes, as a leading business school GMAT is a key requirement. 

Q: How does your school quantify work experience? Is a job with a brand name company better than an unknown company?  

IE Business School: We look for post-undergrad experience. Whatever the company - career progression and varied exposure is key. 

Q: Do students from non-typical backgrounds such as journalism need to have higher quant scores to balance their #MBA applications?  

EBS Business School:  Provided your academic background and professional goals meet our requirements, we would welcome your application.  

Q:  What are the least scores accepted by you? 

EBS Business School: Minimum GMAT score is 600, but we do address the entire application.   

IE Business School: We take a holistic approach to admission so every piece of the application counts. 

Q: In this current weak European economy, is it worth applying to a European business school?   

EBS Business School: Germany's strong economic position combined with our active corporate network offers an unparalleled platform for success. For an example of our corporate network opportunities visit the following: 

IE Business School: It is an interesting time to study in the EU especially from the perspective of understanding and studying economics and finance. 

Q: How much weight on Integrated Reasoning are Business Schools giving in its 2013 Admissions? 

EBS Business School: IR is a key skill that we test in our admissions process beginning at the BSc level.

IE Business School: We take everything into consideration and the IR section gives us an additional data point.