Twitter Chat with Columbia Business School

Nov 16, 2012
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On the second Wednesday of each month we give schools and prospective students an opportunity to connect using our #MBACHAT Twitter Chat. For one hour GMAC (@OfficialGMAT),and Columbia Business School (@ColumbiaMBA) took questions from students regarding the admissions process and entrepreneurship. 

  @OFFICIALGMAT: Welcome to #MBAChat!  #MBAChat 

  @OFFICIALGMAT: Today we are talking with @ColumbiaMBA about #mba admissions, #emba programs & #entrepreneurship! #mbachat 

  @OFFICIALGMAT: They will be taking your questions about @ColumbiaMBA, how an #mba can help #entrepreneurs and more! #mbachat
Q: Tell us about the @ColumbiaMBA program. What makes your program stand out from other MBA programs? #mbachat 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: 1st all #bschool offer many amazing things but we feel we have a strong community at CBS  #mbachat

  @COLUMBIAMBA: We also offer block week formats, if the weekend schedule does not fit in with your schedule. #MBAChat

   @COLUMBIAMBA: finally our students have several opps to connect theory to practice in the classroom and in NYC #mbachat 

  Q: What are the #EMBA programs that you offer @ColumbiaMBA? #mbachat

@COLUMBIAMBA: We offer different formats to accommodate working professionals. Every other Friday/Saturday and every Saturday #mbachat 

 Q: I am 59 years old. Would Columbia Business School allow admission to me ? #mbachat 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: We do not have a min/max age for the #MBA we have admitted students who are advanced in their careers in the past #MBAchat 

  Q: What advantages does @ColumbiaMBA have because of location? Over, let's say, Harvard in Boston or Wharton in Philadelphia? #mbachat 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: NYC is an excellent resource for our students students can meet with companies and orgs of any size and any industry #mbachat 

  @ADMISSIONADO: NYC is itself an awesome advantage. Makes internships easier to find too. #mbachat

  @ADMISSIONADO: Lots of Media/TV and journalism in NYC too for those coming from rarer industries. #mbachat

  Q: How important is the IR section of the GMAT for Columbia? #mbachat

@COLUMBIAMBA: We will take a look at the entire score report as a whole. we do not have a specific weight to the IR section #mbachat 

  Q: What are the #MBA programs that you offer at @ColumbiaMBA ? #MBAChat

@COLUMBIAMBA: Full-time MBA format as well as Executive MBA format. Same classes taken in each format, same degree acquired. #MBAChat 

  Q:  Is MBA better that MS in entrepreneurship, If goal is to become an entrepenure

@COLUMBIAMBA: Our #MBA program offers a diverse set of courses both core and electives which prepares feature entrepreneurs #MBAchat 

  Q: How can @ColumbiaMBA program help to an enterpreneur who wants to make business abroad? 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: Our global network, our unique entrepreneurial course offerings and resources, and our vast international network. #MBAChat 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: Master Classes enable you to take classes in Africa and work with entrepreneurs in other countries. #MBAChat 

  Q: Is there any special requirement for applicant from south-east asian countries?#MBAChat @ColumbiaMBA 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: The TOEFL, if English is not your first language or you did not attend an English speaking institution. #MBAChat 

  Q: So if i attend an English institution, i can get waiver, right? #MBAChat 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: Correct. #MBAChat 

  Q: That famous CBS happy hour sounds amazing - does everyone attend? #mbachat

@COLUMBIAMBA: The Thursday night HH in Uris are well attended by our students. They are a CBS tradition! #MBAchat 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: We also encourage applicants to reach out to our students to hear more #mbachat 

  Q: @ColumbiaMBA is known for finance - what are some other strengths in particular that the program offers? #mbachat 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: Good question! Tech? Real estate?  

  @ADMISSIONADO: Definitely Real Estate.  #mbachat 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: We feel that all of our programs are strong! Visit and #mbachat 

  @ADMISSIONADO: @ColumbiaMBA Actually I think that's true. They all really ARE! Even the non-business ones :) Love the campus too.  And UWS bars. #mbachat Q: Do you provide some scholarships for developing country? @ColumbiaMBA #MBAChat 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: Not specifically for developing countries, but based on your application, you may or may not receive some money. #MBAChat 

  Q: Where is the school located and will like to know the minimum GMAT score and implication of not attaining such score..thanks#mbachat 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: we are located in UWS in NYC! As for the #GMAT we do not have a min score visit #mbachat

  Q: What is the probability that a foreign student could get a job in the US after the MBA program of Columbia?, in which industries #mbachat , 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: Many of our international students want to switch careers and work in the US this switch happens every year #mbachat 

  @ADMISSIONADO: I'd  look at employment statistics for that info. don't think you can calculate chances of u getting a job tho #mbachat 

  Q: is MBA better that MS in entrepreneurship, If goal is to become an entrepreneur? #MBAChat 

  @ADMISSIONADO: MBA is probably better. the programs are a bit more exclusive and have stronger networks. #mbachat 

Q: What is the particularity of @ColumbiaMBA regarding entrepreneurship ?#mbachat


  Q: Your Americas #EMBA program allows students to gain experience across Latin America. How does this help them in their career? #mbachat 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: #EMBA Americas allows students to expand their network in that region and  #mbachat 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: Also get exposure/immersion into how global business works #mbachat 

  Q: Where do @ColumbiaMBA grads go after graduation? Typically... how many end up at banks? Hedge funds? Consulting firms? #mbachat @COLUMBIAMBA: #MBAChat 

  Q: How gonna i get admission in this program? #mbachat @COLUMBIAMBA: The application process is holistic so we consider the entire app for  visit for more #mbachat 

  Q: do you provide some scholarships for international students?  #MBAChat

@COLUMBIAMBA: International students are eligible for both merit based fellowships and need based scholarships #mbachat 

  Q: Could you come up with the name of a few famous entrepreneurs who succeeded after @ColumbiaMBA ? #mbachat


  @COLUMBIAMBA: Also see for stories on our alums #mbachat 

  Q: what is the average of the full-time students, who were enterpreneurs before enroll the program?  @columbiaMBA

@COLUMBIAMBA: Take a look at the class profile for more #MBAchat


  Q: I want to make my career in Government, does you Columbia MBA will help me in it? #MBAChat 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: Of course! There are plenty of students who end up working at The World Bank, IFC, etc. #MBAChat 

  @ADMISSIONADO: Well, the UN is in NYC too. Plus got that speedy Amtrak to DC. #mbachat According to the document that was shared, about 6.7% of 2011 graduates are working in government/nonprofit/education. #mbachat 

  @ADMISSIONADO: it is GOOD to be in nonprofit at CBS. you really stand out from "finance guys" & have less competition for jobs. #MBAChat 

  Q: Do I have to submit any additional documents along with app to be considered for merit scholarship? Confused about that. 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: No, as long as you apply before January 9th, you will be considered for a merit fellowship. #MBAChat 

  Q: I am an intl applicant. As per ur FAQ, i also need to select 'fellowship consideration option' in the app. Cant find it in app. #MBAChat 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: There should be a box that says, "Do you want to be considered for a merit fellowship" #MBAChat 

  Q: How does the admissions deadline process work @ColumbiaMBA? Can you speak to a rolling admissions process? #mbachat

@COLUMBIAMBA: Many schools have rounds our process is rolling which means we review apps in the order in which they are received #mbachat

  Q: Would you say then that it is always better to apply earlier?  #mbachat 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: Yes we always advise applicants to apply as early as possible! #mbachat

Q: What are the @ColumbiaMBA tution fees and average living expenses? #mbachat

@COLUMBIAMBA: For info on the cost of the program visit #mbachat

Q: Can I take a student loan for studies but am not an American #MBAChat

@COLUMBIAMBA: No, unfortunately we do not have international loans. #MBAChat 

Q: Do you do distance learning am in Nigeria #MBAChat 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: Unfortunately, we do not have distance learning or online classes available. #MBAChat 

  Q: Do you provide some scholarships for international students? #MBAChat

@COLUMBIAMBA: You may be considered for a merit fellowship through the Admissions office, but there is no guarantee. #MBAChat 

  Q: How many students are in a typical class @ColumbiaMBA? #mbachat 

@COLUMBIAMBA: About 700 per year. In each classroom, the largest are the core classes, which are about 60 students. #MBAChat 

  Q: What is the score gmat score required for full scholarship #mbachat 

@COLUMBIAMBA: There is no min for the GMAT and it is just one part process. When we evaluate fellowships we consider the entire app #mbachat 

  Q: What is the average salary for the program graduates just after graduation #mbachat 

@COLUMBIAMBA: Visit for our employment report #mbachat 

Q: What Does Columbia have a part-time mba program? I read about eMBA but wasn't sure if it was only for executives. 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: We offer the #EMBA but not a PT program. Some of our EMBA students have 5 yrs of WE and are moving up at their co's #MBAchat 

  Q: Does @ColumbiaMBA weigh your current salary as part of an application packet? #mbachat 

  @COLUMBIAMBA: We do not have a weight to any part of the application. we do ask for salary info in the app. #mbachat 

  Q: What is the probability that a foreign student could get a job in the US after the MBA program of Columbia?, in which industries #mbachat , @COLUMBIAMBA: #MBAChat

@OFFICIALGMAT: Thank you all for joining us at  #mbachat @OFFICIALGMAT: Join us the 2nd Weds of every month at 1 pm US ET for more #MBAChat  #MBAChat @COLUMBIAMBA: Thanks everyone! RT @officialgmat: Thank you all for joining us at  #mbachat