Twitter Chat with George Mason University and Penn State

Dec 4, 2012
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Tweeting Admissions Advice for Prospective Students

On the second Wednesday of each month we give schools and prospective students an opportunity to connect using our #MBACHAT Twitter Chat. For one hour GMAC (@OfficialGMAT), Jackie Buchy (@MasonMBA) an admissions professional from George Mason University and an admissions representative from Penn State University (@SmealMBA)  took questions from students regarding the admissions process, next generation GMAT Exam and more. 

@OfficialGMAT: Hi everyone!  Welcome to the chat.  This is Jackie Buchy from George Mason University.   #mbachat 

@MasonMBA: Hello everyone.  We are happy to be here with @officialGMAT & @MasonMBA. #mbachat

Q: Is there a mimimum cut off score you consider while screening the applications?

@MasonMBA: We look for a 550 - 650 range but will consider each piece of your application when making a decision #mbachat 

@SmealMBA: We do not have a minimum score when screening, but our average is around a 650. Class Profile #mbachat 

  Q: #MBAchat please this is my first time. I  would like to know when and where the GMAT exams will be taken place. 

  @OfficialGMAT: #GMAT exams are held year-round. You can find a test center and schedule the exam here:  #mbachat 

Q: George Mason has recently changed their #MBA and #EMBA programs to a shorter timeline. #MBAchat How will the new shorter timeline benefit students? #mbachat

@MasonMBA: The new Mason MBA will allow students to continue working full time while completing their MBA in two years #mbachat 

Q: What do you suggest for improving one's profile? 

@SmealMBA: We recommend you improve those parts you still have control over:  essays, test scores, etc. #mbachat 

Q: When is the best time to write GMAT ? keeping in mind the admissions and everything

@MasonMBA: We recommend taking 6-8 weeks to prepare for the test and completing the test within 2 months of the app deadline #mbachat 

Q: Tell us about the #Smeal program. What makes your program stand out from other #MBA programs? #MBAchat 

@SmealMBA: Our #MBA is a small community that is teamwork focused.   Our small class sizes lead to personalized attention & #career guidance. #MBAchat 

  Q: Does an excellent GMAT Score (more than 730) make up for a lack of work experience?? #mbachat 

  @MasonMBA: We weigh all components of your app.  Every app has strong and weak points.  Highlight your strong points. #mbachat 

  Q: Can someone who took a break from work  (Genuine family reasons)  for close to one year apply in MBA? #mbachat 

  @SmealMBA: Yes! We understand that family issues arise.  Be prepared to explain any gaps both in our application & #interview #mbachat 

  Q: What constitutes a best essay? Few examples please. Essay formats please.  #interview #mbachat 

  @MasonMBA: Well written, proof read, stays on message, and correct grammar and spelling.  Why do you want to come to #Mason? #mbachat 

  Q: How many times does the admissions happen over the course of a year? 

  @SmealMBA: We have 3 deadlines:  11/9, 1/11 & 4/12.  We do #admissions on a rolling basis. #mbachat 

  @MasonMBA: You can find all our admissions dates here #mbachat 

  Q: How does a #GMAT score factor into the #admissions decision? Are you looking for a certain number? #mbachat 

  @MasonMBA: We look for a competitive score of at least 550 but always looking for well rounded applicants #mbachat 

  @SmealMBA: Each application is evaluated as a complete package.  One stat won't make or break someone.  80% score 560-720. #mbachat 

  Q: Is the GMAT exam taken the same day around the world? @OfficialGMAT: Not at all! The #GMAT is held year-round, at any time that your local test center is open... #mbachat So you can find a time and date that is convenient for you. #mbachat 

  Q: What is the weightage given to a GMAT score during the evaluation of an application? #MBAchat 

  @SmealMBA: We evaluate all application parts equally to get a total picture of each application. #mbachat 

  Q: Does a student's GMAT score determine how much scholarship and fellowship he/she can get at your school  

  @MasonMBA: We do consider the GMAT score along with GPA for scholarship and assistantship offfers #mbachat 

  Q: Say you have 2 overall similar candidates, 1 from industry with many students you chose, one from minor. Who gets in? 

  @SmealMBA: We would look at everything else, the interview, essays, engagement and potential for placement in regards to goals. #mbachat 

  Q: Once the applications are screened.. where will the interviews b held the native country of the student? 

  @SmealMBA: We do interviews in person, on campus.  Interviews via webcams and telephone are also offered. #mbachat 

  Q: Apart from the score/gpa and essay .. what are the other things you look at ?

@SmealMBA: We look at everything:  recommendation letters, essays, quality of work, leadership, teamwork, engagement, etc. #mbachat 

  Q: How seriously is the IR section score looked upon? Does it add value over somebody who had taken the test before June?#MBAChat 

  @SmealMBA: Right now, IR is new to everyone.  A score won't add greater value over someone who doesn't have a score. #mbachat

  Q: When do I get to know the IR and AWA score after taking gmat? Do I get to know the Verbal and Quant score instantly? 

  @OfficialGMAT: You will see your quant, verbal and total score right away. Your #IR and #AWA will be in your official report #mbachat 

  Q: What is the minimum experience one should have with 650 to 680 score and average profile for a good school #MBACHAT 

  @MasonMBA: looks for a minimum of 2 years work experience for the FT program.  The average for the PT is 5 or 6 #MBAchat 

  Q: What would be your most important advice to potential candidates? #MBAChat

@SmealMBA: IR will be one more piece of the app to help us determine academic ability and potential. #mbachat 

  Q: Any recommendation on the recommendation letters? Who should I seek to write for me? 

  @SmealMBA: Most schools prefer letters of rec to be from someone who you have worked with, or for on a professional basis.   #mbachat 

  Q: What is the one advice u would like to give a student who wants to an MBA with great aspiration? 

  @MasonMBA: Do your homework, research the right program for you, make your application strong, study for the test #mbachat 

  Q: A good IR score won't add much difference - but what about a BAD score?

@SmealMBA: Actually a good score will help your cause, but we will look at other indicators before we hold a bad score against you. #mbachat 

  Q: Which are the top 5 firms that select maximum students from @SmealMBA  and from @MasonMBA during the campus interviews process? 

  @MasonMBA: You can view all the #Mason #MBA employers here #MBAchat

  @SmealMBA: It depends on concentrations and preferred function. lists our recruiting companies. #mbachat 

  Q: How long does it take to report the scores after the date of the test? #MBAchat 

  @OfficialGMAT: Your official #GMAT score report takes up to 20 business days. #mbachat 

  Q: How long does it take to report the scores to the 5 universities selected during the test? #MBAchat 

  @OfficialGMAT: It takes up to 20 business days for a #bschool to receive your score report. #mbachat

  Q: What is the highest possible score on the GMAT and does the new Integrated Reasoning count towards one's total score? 

  @OfficialGMAT: The #GMAT total score ranges from 200-800, and does not include #IR or #AWA.   #mbachat Q: Please what does IR and AWA represent? 

  @OfficialGMAT: IR is the Integrated Reasoning Section, and AWA is the Analytical Writing Assessment, commonly known as the essay  #mbachat 

  Q: How are the empolyment opportunities for international students? #MBAchat

@SmealMBA: 80% of our international students were placed this year.  99% of our class had internships this summer. #mbachat 

  Q: Do you help students find summer internships, or are the students left to themselves to find one? #MBAchat 

  @MasonMBA: #Mason School of Management career counselors help students find summer internships.  #mbachat 

  @SmealMBA: Careers services helps with internships and FT placement.  Most students find internships through on-campus interviews. #mbachat 

  Q: Is that applicable to international students or must one be a citizen of the United States to get those offers? #MBAchat 

  @MasonMBA: For job offers it depends on the specific company.  We have international students at some of these firms. #mbachat 

  Q: How many hours am i realistically looking at devoting to the studies should i get admitted to the PT MBA program? #mbachat 

  @MasonMBA:  It depends on each class and your experience.  On average students spend 2-3 hours for each hour in class #mbachat 

  Q: Does taking multiple attempts in GMAT give out a bad impression about the quality of  student? 

  @MasonMBA:  Not necessarily.  We recommend studying as much as possible prior to taking the test to maximize your score. #mbachat 

  Q: Do you have an MBA program that accomodates recent college graduates or must one have work experience #MBAchat 

  @SmealMBA: Average amount of full-time post UG work is 4.5 years. We do admit a handful of folks with no work. Very competitive. #mbachat 

  Q: Do i need to know my gmat score prior to submitting the app or can i supply the score later? I want to meet the R1 date

@SmealMBA: A delay greater than 2 weeks might move you to the next deadline. #mbachat

  @SmealMBA: You can submit your app without a score, but can't make interview decision without it. #mbachat 

  Q: Students from which program are the most sought after by employers? #MBAchat 

  @SmealMBA: We have a lot of recruiters coming for supply chain and consulting right now, but markeing and finance are close behind. #mbachat Q: Do professors at Smeal follow a case study method of teaching? #MBAchat

@SmealMBA: Our faculty split between case studies and lecture.  It is up to the individual faculty to teach their preferred method. #mbachat 

  Q: What is the focus in your MBA programs? Anyway I could focus in Logistics? 

  @MasonMBA: We have various concentrations listed here #mbachat 

  Q: What is the difference between an MBA and a Masters in Management 

  @MasonMBA: The difference at #Mason is the program length, courses taken, application requirements #mbachat

  Q: What is the average GMAT score at Mason? #MBAcha

  @MasonMBA: The average GMAT score at #Mason is about 610 #mbachat 

  Q: Do you have a course that focus in Supply Chain/Logistics

  @SmealMBA:  Information about our supply chain/logistics concentration can be found here: #mbachat

  @SmealMBA: We do have a supply chain/logistics concentration. 

  Q: My question is around Reading Comprehension. Do I get  3-4 questions for the same text at the same time, or 1by1? 

  @OfficialGMAT: You will see the questions one at a time, even if they are for the same passage. #mbachat 

  Q: Are there exchange programs available? #MBAchat 

  @SmealMBA: We don't offer exchange programs because of our structure, but students do a 1 week global immersion. #mbachat 

  Q: How will you treat IR scores from the early test-takers, compared with those who take the new #GMAT in a year?  #mbachat

@SmealMBA:  In a year we will have a better base to gauge IR scores.Now they are indicators but in a year might be more telling. #mbachat 

  Q: Do you reccomend any other material other than Official Guide? 

  @OfficialGMAT: Our GMATPrep tool comes with two practice exams, and it is FREE! #mbachat 

  Q: How are the employment opportunities for international students? Does the location of the school help? #MBAchat 

  @MasonMBA: Opportunities depend on the career and position you want.  Dedicated career professionals are available for MBA students #mbachat

  Q: What is the approximate fees in USD for 2 yr MBA programme? 

  @SmealMBA: Our tuition and fees can be found here: #mbachat 

  Q: How short can any one schedule GMAT exam after taking one?  #mbachat

@OfficialGMAT: You can retake the #GMAT exam once every 31 days #mbachat 

  Q: Is it true I can re install the GMATPrep Tool and get 2 new, different tests?

@OfficialGMAT: Sadly, that is not true. The #GMATPrep tool will use the same pool of questions even if you reinstall it #mbachat 

  Q: How can i get the GMAT Prep tool? 

  @OfficialGMAT: You can download #GMATPrep for free here:  #mbachat 

  Q: I like your curricula (both for Supply Chain and Leadership). What do you seek in a student for such programs? #MBAchat 

  @SmealMBA: We look for candidates who have good experience & academic potential.  Fit is important, as are placement goals. #mbachat 

  Q: How should we prepare for AWA? @OfficialGMAT: We have tips for preparing for the #AWA, as well as the list of essay topics, here:  #mbachat 

  @OfficialGMAT: You may want to try our AWA test prep software too:  #mbachat

  Q: Are any questions repeated across the two practice exams? 

  @OfficialGMAT: The two practice exams will not have duplicate questions, but if you retake the exams you may see repeat questions #mbachat 

  Q: Approximately what is the student crowd from India every year?

@SmealMBA: Approximately 30% of our class are international, but the breakdown by country varies by year. #mbachat 

  @MasonMBA: In the FT #MBA program 6-8% of the students are from India.  In the PT, 10-12% on a work visa or became U.S. citizens. #MBAchat 

  Q: What about Technology? #MBAchat @SmealMBA: Most students interested in Tech pick functional concentrations to work for tech companies.  We do offer some classes. #mbachat

  Q: Straight to the point: Good GMAT (how much is good?), good GPA (again, how much?), goals (how do you measure that?) #MBAchat @SmealMBA: "Good" varies by year, but here is our class profile  These are averages so good will be higher. #mbachat 

  Q: Is it ok to apply to your program before my GMAT scores are out or after I get my scores? #MBAchat @MasonMBA: Yes, you can apply to #MasonMBA prior to receiving your GMAT score #mbachat

  @SmealMBA: You can submit your app without a score, but can't make interview decision without it. #mbachat 

  Q: Does #GMATPrep  has version it supported Mac OS? 

  @OfficialGMAT: Yes, our new GMATPrep tool is Mac compatible #mbachat 

  Q:  #MBAChat  will there be a GD? or is it apps screeing and then interviews (by the way how many rounds?) 

  @MasonMBA: At #Mason interviews are by invitation once an application file is complete #mbachat 

  @SmealMBA: Typically one interview, but sometimes additional interview do follow. #mbachat 

  @SmealMBA: We do evaluate each application and make a decision to interview or not.  #mbachat 

  Q: What are your average entry qualifications? (GMAT, GPA, work exp, and anything else that matters) #mbachat 

  @SmealMBA: Class profile with averages are listed here  643 GMAT, 4.5 years of work, 3.3 GPA. #mbachat 

  @SmealMBA: Everyone has different strengths & weaknesses.Highlight your strengths.We evaluate whole applications, not just a # #mbachat 

  Q: In your experience what is the time required for preparation before giving the exam? for an average student? 

  @OfficialGMAT: 49% of test takers plan to spend at least 51 hours studying for the #GMAT  #mbachat 

  Q: Are there any application fee waivers available? #MBAchat 

  @SmealMBA: If you join our Facebook App by 10/22, we will email you a fee waiver. #mbachat 

  Q: Is any work ex considered work ex? Example, a Director experience versus a Call Center Rep experience? 

  @SmealMBA: Must be full-time, post undergraduate work-experience to count. #mbachat 

  Q: Can interviews be made via internet? Or do they have to be presential? #mbachat

@MasonMBA: We can conduct interviews via phone or Skype as well as in person #mbachat 

  @SmealMBA: We do phone and webcam interviews, as well as those on campus #mbachat 

  Q: What is the conversion rate of people who have been interviewed & have actually been selected for the program? 

@SmealMBA: We typically interview 300-400 candidates and end up with a class of 80-100.  Great to meet you! #mbachat