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3 Reasons Why You Need the GMAT® Exam For Your B-School Application

Mar 17, 2016
Tags: B-School, GMAT, GMAT Prep

Start preparing and plan to sit for the GMAT® as soon as you're ready. It may not be easy, but know that all the hard work you put into it will help you in the long run.
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Closing the Gender Gap: Educating College Women About the GMAT Exam and Business Careers

Feb 22, 2016
Tags: Diversity, MBA, Women

An MBA can provide both a ticket to the top and significant pay gains for women.
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Accreditations and Rankings: What Prospective B-School Students Need to Know

Feb 18, 2016
Tags: Internship, MBA, Work Experience

Just as there are diploma “mills,” there are accreditation and ranking “mills.” Here's what you need to know to use them to your benefit.
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5 Reasons Why an International Masters in Management Can Elevate Your Profile

Feb 2, 2016
Tags: Internship, MBA, Work Experience

Consider these 5 Reasons why a Masters in Management at an international program can help you elevate your profile.
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