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Never Taken a Business Course? Four Reasons Not to Fear the GMAT

Dec 16, 2014
Tags: B-School, GMAT, GMAT Prep

Even if you don't have a business history, you can succeed on the GMAT exam. Here are four aspects of the GMAT exam that work to your advantage, regardless of your background.
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How Does the GMAT Support Your Education and Career?

Sep 16, 2014
Tags: GMAT, GMAT Prep, MBA

If you’re serious about furthering your education at a top business school, the GMAT will be the first step on your journey toward the program of your choice. Hear from EDHEC's Sonia Gastaud.

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Get a New Attitude: Four Steps to Become a Strong Test-Taker

Jul 16, 2013
Tags: GMAT, GMAT Prep, MBA

If you struggle with standardized tests, take a different approach to studying for the GMAT exam.
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