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GMAT Write®

GMAT Write®

Gain confidence in your writing ability with a tool from the makers of the GMAT designed specifically to help you perform your best on the Analytical Writing Assessment section of the GMAT® exam.

Format: Online

Can you identify the strengths and weaknesses of an argument? Evaluate arguments and formulate alternative explanations? These skills are vital to a successful business career, which is why they’re measured on the GMAT® exam. Featuring real GMAT writing prompts that simulate the actual test-taking experience and provide instant feedback, GMAT Write® helps you quickly learn how well you demonstrate the ability to think critically, organize your thoughts, and communicate ideas.

*mba.com promotions are not applicable for this product

Each subscription includes 2 unique essay prompts and the chance to write 4 essays. Your practice essays will be scored in real time using the same automated essay-scoring engine used by the official GMAT exam.  Once you submit an essay, you will receive a score, suggestions for improvement, and feedback on how well you:

  • Identify and analyze significant flaws in the argument
  • Support your critique using relevant supporting reasons and/or examples
  • Develop a clearly organized and coherent response
  • Demonstrate control of language, including diction, syntax, and conventions of standard written English

GMAT Write was created in partnership with Vantage Learning and is powered by Measured Success™.

Please note: Many factors are involved in a test session (including preparation, stress levels, etc.) so your test results from this tool do not guarantee the same results on an actual GMAT exam.

*mba.com promotions are not applicable for this product.