Warning: If You Are Looking for "Real" Exam Questions, Think Again

GMAC takes cheating very seriously, especially attempts to obtain access to live test questions in advance of an exam.

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Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) is the owner of the GMAT®, NMAT™, and other Graduate Management Education assessments and have published a list of Rights and Responsibilities of GMAT Test Takers, which includes following the Testing Rules & Agreement. These are terms you agree to when creating your account, when registering for an assessment, and when you sign-in at the test center which state you will NOT record, copy, or disclose test questions you see on the exam. Anyone disclosing or using disclosed questions can have their scores canceled and face other testing and possibly legal consequences.

GMAC makes test preparation products using retired test questions in formats to help you prepare for your exam. These legal official preparation materials can be purchased from our online stores or from reputable vendors.

GMAC takes cheating seriously, especially attempts to obtain access to live test questions in advance of an exam. We also take very seriously any unauthorized distribution of our copyrighted GMAT preparation materials. GMAC constantly looks for:

  • Sites that claim to sell or distribute purportedly “live” or “real” GMAT questions.
  • Unauthorized copies of our official study guides, supplement, and other test prep materials.

You are responsible for making sure your preparation materials don’t violate our intellectual property rights. In other words:

  • Do not purchase, request, or share materials that claim to be “live” or “real” GMAT or NMAT questions.
  • Do not request or distribute pirated software or books.
  • Do not download or access GMAT® or NMAT™ Prep software from anywhere but mba.com or nmat.org.in, where authorized preparation materials are available for free.

To learn more about what’s acceptable and unacceptable as you prepare for the GMAT exam—or to report possible illegal activity—send an e-mail to pvtestsecurity@pearson.com.

For information on how to use GMAC trademarks and copyrighted materials, see gmac.com/trademarks for our explanations and links to our policies.