The GMAT Enhanced Score Report: Expanded View of Fundamental Skills Performance

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The GMAT Enhanced Score Report (ESR) allows test takers to be in control of their performance by giving them an in-depth review of their scores and insight into their test-taking skills.

Ever since its launch in 2015, the ESR continues to evolve by constantly enhancing features that provide better ways to leverage test experience and improve understanding of GMAT exam performance. The latest enhancements include a detailed level of performance by fundamental skills in the verbal and quantitative sections. Test takers can now go a step deeper and gain a better understanding of how to prepare in skills such as critical reasoning, sentence correction, geometry, rates/ratio/percent and counting/sets/series. 

Expanded Categories in Verbal Section

GMAT Enhanced Score ReportThis chart goes into further depth of the sub-section rankings and time management for verbal. With the new expanded view of where you stand in specific areas of critical reasoning, reading comprehension, and sentence correction, you can go a step deeper to understand how you earned your score. You can see what areas you are strong and what areas need more improvement.

Expanded Categories in Quantitative Section

The skills view in the quantitative section is expanded in areas such as geometry, rates/ratio/percent, and counting/set/series. The further details in this section allows the test taker to see exactly where they performed on specific questions and whether they are strong or weak in particular topics.

The Help section has also been updated to provide information about how to read the new sections and other frequently asked questions. 

GMAT Enhanced Score ReportWith the addition of these new features, the GMAT ESR will help you better understand your performance, its potential impact on your graduate school applications and focus your study efforts for a future sitting of the exam.

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