Enroll in a Business School Program

Congratulations, you did it! Getting accepted into a graduate business program puts you on the path to an exciting an fulfilling career. Now that you're in, you'll want to decide which program to choose and plan your next steps.

Which school offers the best fit based on your goals? Which program fits your personality and learning style? And, of course, two other important issues to consider are financing your degree and preparing for a new lifestyle, both covered here.

Prepare for School

Getting ready for business school involves some big lifestyle decisions about working while studying, internships, and making sure you hit the ground running in the classroom.

  • Hearing Back from Schools

    Whether you’re accepted, wait-listed, or denied, our game plan will keep you organized and focused on the future.
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  • Meeting Enrollment Requirements

    Once you enroll in a graduate business program, you still have some work to do. Revisit the school’s enrollment requirements to make sure you don’t miss anything.
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  • Dealing with Change

    Whether you have a family, spouse, or partner, your life will undergo big changes after enrolling in graduate business school.
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  • To Work or Not to Work?

    If you’re a typical graduate business school candidate, you already have a job. Here’s what to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to work during school.
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  • Consider a Graduate Business Internship

    Because an internship can be critical to shaping your career path, here is our advice on how to choose the right internship for you.
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  • Robert Chabot

    Transitioning to Your Program

    Want to know what it takes to smooth the transition into your MBA or Specialized Master’s program? Get thoughtful, actionable advice from these admissions professionals.
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Financing Your Degree

Financing your graduate business degree is often a key factor in your enrollment decision. Let’s face it, a graduate education is not cheap, but you do have options.

  • Exploring How to Pay for Business School

    Few things in life have a greater payoff than an investment in education. Our new interactive tool will help you plan your financial strategy for business school.
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  • Four Alternative Ways to Pay for Business School

    There are many alternative ways to pay for business school that won’t leave you in long-term debt. This e-guide provides four recommendations that you may not have considered in your initial research.
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  • Five Steps to Getting Your Finances in Order

    One of the most important things you should do as you prepare for business school is to get your finances in order. We walk you through five easy steps to get you started.
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  • How Much Will it Cost?

    When deciding between an MBA in India versus overseas, financial cost is only one factor to take into consideration. Learn what else you should think about.
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  • How to Choose a Business School Loan in India

    There are four important factors to consider when choosing an education loan. Learn more, including what collateral requirements may be necessary.
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  • Ask the Loan Expert

    Education loans for MBA degree programs differ from other types of loans. Get answers to frequently asked questions here.
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Funding Your International Graduate Business Education

The good news is that most people are able to afford a graduate business degree through alternative means.

  • How Much Will It Cost

    As you consider a graduate business education abroad, you'll face a host of questions about cost and financing.
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  • Scholarship Options for Funding Your Degree

    Though most scholarships do not cover the entire cost of a graduate business degree, they are available through both schools and international and regional organizations.
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  • Four Loan Options for Funding Your International Graduate Business Degree

    For students pursuing a graduate business degree outside of the United States, there are several options for funding your degree, but it may be quite limited depending on demand and program of study.
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  • Five Tips on Gaining Employer Support for Your MBA

    Most organizations have training and development policies in place and may sponsor work-related continuing education for employees. Get five tips to help you make your case for a graduate business degree.
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  • Funding and Scholarships for Graduate Business School

    If you choose to study abroad, you may choose to finance your education with a loan, as grants and scholarships are few in number and very competitive.
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Meet Students: Balancing School and Life

Between adjusting to a heavy course load and pursuing an internship, the first year of business school can be intense. To prevent business school from taking over your life, our video bloggers share their advice on building a support network, relaxing, and making time for your family.

  • Mariel Furlong

    Restoring Your Energy During Business School

    During and after business school, your school’s alumni network can help you find the internships and companies that are a good fit for you.
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  • Nick Quan

    Balancing Family Life and Business School

    Hear how this video blogger with a wife and three young children has balanced his home life while pursuing an MBA.
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  • Tom Tao

    Getting an MBA With a Spouse

    During and after business school, your school’s alumni network can help you find the internships and companies that are a good fit for you.
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