Apply To Business School

Impress admissions teams by following this advice on the MBA and graduate management application process.

The graduate business school application process takes time, energy, and patience, but careful planning can keep the process under control. The GMAT score is only one measure schools use to evaluate you, so be sure to highlight your most impressive achievements so that you can stand out from the crowd.

General Application Advice

The admissions team has a big job. They must fill a limited number of spaces by making the best selections from a large pool of applicants. There’s no magic formula that will guarantee admission to graduate business school, but the advice and tips in this section will help you assemble a strong application.

  • Letters of Recommendation Made Easier

    The Common Letter of Recommendation (LOR) simplifies the letter of recommendation process.
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  • Discover Who's Applying

    No matter where in the world you go, graduate business programs are popular. Competition is increasing and the pool of applicants is becoming more diverse.
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  • How to Decide Where to Apply

    Choosing schools to apply to is an engaging process with so many possibilities! Follow our tips to put together a solid list of graduate business schools that are ideal for you.
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  • Your Business School Application Timeline and Checklist

    Ensure your application is complete – and that you give yourself enough time to move through the process – with our timeline and checklist.
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  • Assemble Your Application

    Review the six key areas of an application and get tips on how to develop a strong application that reflects who you are.
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  • Consider Your Academic Record

    To ensure you are a good fit academically, graduate business schools will carefully consider your academic skills and undergraduate record.
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  • Eight Tips for Showcasing Your Skills, Activities, and Experience

    Want to be sure your application stands out? Our seven tips will help you put your best foot forward throughout the admissions process.
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  • Gary Linblad

    Business School Application Mistakes to Avoid

    From the basic (spelling mistakes) to the rushed (using the wrong school name), learn what mistakes to avoid in your business school application.
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Writing Exceptional Essays

While it is critical to answer the questions asked in your application essay, your essay also offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate your written communication skills and help the admissions committee get to know why you stand out. In this section, we’ll cover the must-have elements to include in your essay and hear some advice from admissions officers on what information they look for.

  • Three Tips for an Outstanding Essay

    The graduate business application essay is your chance to help admissions understand who you are and why you’re a good fit for their program.
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  • Barbara Schneider

    How to Make Your Essay Exceptional

    Use the graduate business application essay to tell schools something important about yourself that the application didn’t address.
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  • Market Yourself Like a Pro

    Don’t be shy during the admissions process. Instead, think like a marketer and be confident and proud of your skills and achievements.
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Selecting Recommendations

While your essay allows you to talk about yourself, the letters of recommendation you submit with your application let others validate everything you say. Follow our tips and advice to ensure your letters of recommendation are as strong as possible.

  • Tips on Requesting Recommendations

    From building credibility to learning more about you, letters of recommendation are an important part of your application. Learn who to ask and how to get what you need.
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  • Pat Harrison

    Who Should I Approach for Letters of Recommendation?

    Though you do not write your recommendations, get valuable advice from an admissions committee member on how to positively impact what is written for you.
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  • Arthur Redillas

    When selecting my recommendations, what should I consider?

    Want to know what the admissions team looks for in recommendations? Read on to learn more.
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Preparing for Your Interview

You have written an outstanding essay to help a school learn more about you. Finally, you have the chance to make a solid impression and state your case in person. Here’s advice on how to prepare for and stand out in your interview.

  • Seven Commonly Asked Business School Interview Questions

    The best interview preparation strategy is the simplest one: practice. Get started with these most common interview questions.
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  • How to Survive Your MBA Admissions Interview

    Want to ace your business school interview? Get five tips from an admissions team member on how to ensure you are ready.
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  • Unlock the Door to a Successful Admissions Interview

    Preparation is key to a successful interview. Here are four solid tips that can help you position yourself to stand out against the competition.
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