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GMAT Events

Apr 15, 2018
Tags: MBA, Official GMAT, Prepare for the GMAT

In the next few months, the GMAT® team will attend numerous student events in US and Canadian cities near you. Stop by our table or attend one of our sessions for a chance to win a prize. See the full event schedule here.
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The GMAT® Exam Will Be 30 Minutes Shorter

Apr 4, 2018
Tags: Official GMAT

There’s an even better reason to take the GMAT® exam. Starting on April 16, the GMAT® exam will be a half hour shorter, saving you valuable time.
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Entrepreneurial Women Find Success Through B-School

Mar 15, 2018
Tags: Entrepreneurs, Women in B-School

In recognition of International Women’s Day, this data brief shares details about aspiring female entrepreneurs in the business school candidate pipeline.
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Three Data Points from Alumni to Give You Confidence in Your B-School Investment

Jan 30, 2018
Tags: MBA, Value of an MBA

Here are three data points from this year’s survey that should give you confidence in your decision to invest in a graduate management education.
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