Decide to Go to Business School

Why business school? Because business is everywhere and woven into every aspect of our lives. So why should you think about getting an MBA or other graduate business degree? Because no matter what your career goal is – advancing or changing your current career, starting your own business, or helping those in need – business school can get you there faster.

Why Invest in Business School?

Business school provides you with the leadership skills, business knowledge, and networking opportunities that are valuable to your career. With an MBA or other graduate business degree, you’ll gain a competitive edge in the job market, command a higher salary, and enjoy new and challenging opportunities. You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Now it’s time to take the next step.

  • Masters class

    Infographic: Careers with a Business Master’s Degree

    Before applying to business school, you should think about the career you want to pursue with your degree.
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  • Interactive Quiz: Should I Work or Study After My Bachelor’s?

    Is it better to enter the workforce or stay in school after your bachelor's degree? It all depends on your personal circumstances and goals.

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  • Interactive Tool: Estimate Your Post-MBA Salary

    Let’s be honest, one of the most important benefits you’ll enjoy after your MBA or other graduate business degree is a higher salary.
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  • Give Your Career a Boost with a Graduate Business Degree

    More than a decade of research confirms that business school graduates are highly employable and enjoy valuable opportunities for career advancement.
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  • Tapan, Otago School of Business

    The MBA Provides a Toolkit for Your Success

    Tapan's MBA from the Otago School of Business has helped him formalize his skills and gain the confidence he needs to interact with industry leaders. 

    Hear from Tapan

  • Accelerate Your Business Career After a Bachelor's Degree

    As an undergrad, the path to your dream career may seem unclear, but here are two stepping stones that could help you jump start your future success.
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  • The Value of a Business Degree in Four Steps

    We walk you through four easy steps to determine your return on investment (ROI) of earning a graduate business degree.
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  • Nicole Lindsay

    Sweat Equity: How to Get the Biggest Return from Business School

    In order to increase your return investment from an MBA, build your career knowledge, strengthen your skills, and build relationships.
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  • Business Students Talking

    The Value of an MBA Is What It Means to You

    An MBA offers proven personal, professional, and financial rewards, but the value for you is really based on your goals.
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  • Julie

    An MBA Positions You for Success

    An MBA positions you for success in the future and provides skills that are applicable to any career path you choose.
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  • Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market

    An MBA provides you with a competitive edge in the job market by increasing career opportunities and significantly boosting salaries.
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  • Balagopal

    Hear Why These Students Chose Business School

    In this video, students share the reasons they want an MBA, from needing a better understanding of finance to gaining an end-to-end business perspective.
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The Path to Your Degree

Do you want to pursue an international career where your skills are in demand around the world? Or make an impact running a social enterprise? Today’s business schools offer more degree opportunities, options, and choices than ever before. You have what it takes. You just need the tools and resources to inform your decision and position yourself for success.

  • Business School Self-Assessment

    Our self-assessment will help you identify the personal, professional and academic considerations to think about before business school.

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  • Five Questions to Drive Your Decision

    Once you know why you want to go to business school, the process of choosing a program and applying to schools may be easier.
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  • Addressing Concerns About Business School

    If you have some concerns about business school, we are here to address them.
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  • Discover What Schools Are Looking For

    Schools offer a variety of program options and, when reviewing applications, look for candidates who come from a wide range of academic and professional backgrounds.
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  • Business Student Studying

    Unique MBA Career Transitions: MBA Stories from Around the World

    An MBA can take you around the world and open doors to rewarding and challenging new careers. Hear from others who have done it.
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  • Irene Hurst

    I Don't Have an Undergraduate Business Degree. Am I at a Disadvantage?

    Not having an undergraduate degree in a business-related field will not put you in disadvantage over students who did earn their undergraduate degree in business.
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Types of Business School Programs

One of the best things about pursuing a graduate business degree today is the vast array of program choices available. Your reason for pursuing an MBA and the time and resources at your disposal will help you determine the program that is right for you.

  • Masters class

    Infographic: MBA? Master’s? or Both?

    There are many choices for your graduate management education. The following infographic uses survey findings to display the main differences and why it can make sense to get both.
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  • Two-Year Full-Time MBA Programs

    Two-year full-time MBA programs allow students to focus full-time on their studies and take advantage of summer internship opportunities.
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  • One-Year Full-Time MBA Programs

    One-year full-time MBA programs are an intense, full-immersion experience and usually have strict prerequisites for work experience and/or academic training.
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  • Part-Time MBA Programs

    Designed for working professionals, part-time MBA programs allow students to work full-time during the day and attend classes in the evening or on weekends.
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  • Executive MBA Programs

    Executive MBA programs are designed to enhance the careers of senior managers or professionals with significant experience in a particular field or industry.
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  • Executive Development Programs

    Executive development programs are designed for career enhancers who want to update or broaden their skills.
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  • Joint or Dual Degree Programs

    Joint degree programs often attract students who are early in their careers or career switchers.
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  • MBA and Masters Distance Learning Programs

    Distance learning programs include pre-recorded video and live web conference courses, thus providing flexibility for any student.
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  • Corporate and Social Responsibility in B-School

    More graduate business programs are focusing on values-based leaders who understand the role that community, environment, and sustainability play in business.
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  • Jackie Buchy

    How Do I Evaluate Which MBA Program Is Right For Me?

    Ask yourself these 5 important questions when considering which MBA program is right for you, courtesy of an Assistant Dean for Graduate Enrollment.
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  • Business Student Female Studying

    B-School as Incubator for Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurs need more than passion and innovative ideas to start and grow a business. Learn how business school can help.
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Specialized Business Master's Programs

Specialized Master’s programs are ideal for careers that require an in-depth background in specific fields like accounting, finance, or marketing.

  • Masters class

    Infographic: Which Business Master’s Will Make You Happiest?

    When deciding for the right program, there are many factors to be considered. See here how happy alumni are with their choices.
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  • Masters class

    Infographic: Which Specialized Business Master’s Pays the Most?

    There are many reasons to choose a specialized business master’s and one of them is a higher salary potential.
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    Interactive Quiz: Should I Do a General or Specialized Master’s?

    You’ve decided a postgraduate degree is the best step to achieve your professional goals, but what’s the best path to success—a general or specialized master’s?
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  • Students listening

    Interactive Quiz: Which Business Master’s Degree Should I Do?

    With an almost endless list of business master degrees to choose from it can seem overwhelming when faced with deciding on which one to pursue.
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  • Specialized Master's Programs

    A variety of career choices are associated with Specialized Master's programs.
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  • Master of Science in Management

    A Master of Science in Management degree focuses on key business functions, such as accounting, marketing, and supply chain management.
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  • Why a Master in Management? Hear from Students

    A Master's in Management is ideal for anyone moving from a technical role into a managerial career. Hear how the degree is helping Arabdha and Raghav, two students at the IE School of Business.
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  • Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

    Master of Science in Supply Chain Management graduates play a strategic role overseeing the business processes that affect the profitability of their enterprise or corporation.
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  • Master of Science in Data Analytics

    Master of Science in Data Analytics programs position students to master cutting-edge data analytic skills using sophisticated software tools, sought-after knowledge that will prepare you for new career opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries.
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  • Master of Accountancy

    A Master of Accountancy degree is well suited for those interested in an accounting career with a private, multinational or non-profit company.
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  • Master of Science in Finance

    A Master of Science in Finance degree prepares students for a career in the corporate world or the public sector, with research institutions and non-profit organizations.
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  • Master of Science in Marketing

    A Master of Science in Marketing provides students with an understanding of the tools and concepts needed for a successful marketing career.
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  • Public Policy and Public Affairs Programs

    Public Policy and Public Affairs programs focus on the management of people, systems, and budgets, ideal training for those pursuing a career in the public sector.
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  • Masters Degree in Human Resources

    In today’s competitive job market, HR professionals need a master's degree in Human Resource Management to have successful careers in positions such as human resource director, placement manager, labor relations manager, international resource manager and benefits manager.
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  • Business Programs for Entrepreneurs

    The odds of succeeding as an entrepreneur can be steep, but a graduate business education teaches the skills that help entrepreneurs make sound decisions and avoid expensive mistakes.
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  • Melissa

    Choosing Between an MBA and a Specialized Master’s Program

    In this video, you’ll hear why a former nurse decided to pursue a Master in Accounting degree – and how her career plans have changed based on that decision.
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  • Jana McQuaid

    MBA or Specialized Business Master’s? Which Degree Is Right for You?

    An Assistant Dean of Masters Programs offers her insights into why you might want to choose a specialized master’s program over an MBA.
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  • Lisa Bevill

    How Do I Decide Between an MBA and a Master of Finance?

    What should you consider when deciding between an MBA and a Master of Finance degree? Admissions experts offer their insights.
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Meet Students: Getting Involved

Business school goes far beyond academics and classroom learning. Getting involved beyond the classroom enriches the experience for everyone. Hear these students discuss the range of opportunities that are helping them develop into tomorrow's leaders.

  • Jeff Tang

    Gain Leadership Experience

    By taking advantage of leadership opportunities, you’ll gain skills recruiters look for. Hear what student video blogger Jeff Tang has to say.
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  • Erin Whalen

    Join Student Organizations

    Student video blogger Erin Whalen joined clubs based on various interests, and said, “The types of people you meet and experiences you get are a big bonus.”
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  • Getting Involved in Extracurriculars

    Participate in Extracurricular Activities

    Hear from Columbia Business School students Jessica Gale and Kenny Kline why participating in extracurricular activities can help enhance your b-school experience.
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Meet Students: Deciding to Go

People decide to pursue a graduate business degree for multiple reasons, and they choose programs based on a variety of factors. Get advice and insights from students that will help drive your decision to go.

  • Erin Whalen

    Two Good Reasons to Attend Business School

    Hear two important reasons why MBA student and video blogger Erin Whalen chose to attend graduate business school. Both will greatly benefit your career.
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  • Erin Whalen

    The Most Valuable Skill I Learned in Business School

    MBA candidate and video blogger Erin Whalen explains how business school is “a giant lesson in being able to overcome any obstacles thrown in your path – personally and professionally.”
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Meet Students: Changing Careers

If you’re thinking about changing careers, a graduate business degree will help you complete that transition. Whether you are changing roles within a company, transitioning to a new career within the same industry, or completely changing direction, the advice from these students will help.

  • Nondini Chakrabarti

    Launching a New Career Path

    MBA student and video blogger Nondini Chakrabarti plans to use her MBA to transition from an accounting career to asset management.
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  • Nick Quan

    Reset Your Career Path with an MBA

    After spending 10 years working at the same company, student video blogger Nick Quan felt stuck. Hear how an MBA is helping him change career paths.
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  • Priyakshi

    A Switch to Sales Requires Much More Than Technical Knowledge

    When this MBA student moved from IT services to pre-sales, she realized her new business-oriented role required more than just subject knowledge.
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Meet Students: The Value of Internships

An internship expands your portfolio of work experience, the one thing that employers seek in potential MBA hires. Discover from students what you can expect.

  • Richard Battle-Baxter

    An Internship Can Confirm Your Career Path

    Hear from student video blogger Richard Battle-Baxter on how his internship confirmed that marketing in the tech space was a better fit than brand management.
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  • JJ Perino

    What to Expect During Your Internship

    Graduate business interns are expected to apply their business school skill set across functions and groups, as our student video blogger JJ Perrino learned.
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  • Erin Whalen

    The Value of an MBA Internship for Career Switchers

    Hear from one student video blogger who used an internship during her full-time MBA program to try a completely different career path.
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  • Matt Rowenczak

    Finding an Internship that Meets Your Goals

    Matt Rowenczak, MBA candidate at the University of Georgia, advises to take advantage of personality assessments as a way to secure the right internship.
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Meet Alumni

Are you curious about the benefits of a graduate business degree in a variety of industries? This section allows you to dig deeper in the worlds of recent business school grads. You’ll not only learn what they do, but you’ll gain valuable advice for both your career and choosing a graduate school program.

  • Moneef portrait

    Moneef Barakat from First Solar

    Read about Moneef's engineering background and how his MBA supplemented his skill set to enhance his career.
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  • Johannes portrait

    Johannes Nass from The Boston Consulting Group

    Read about Johannes' experience working for BCG and the skills he thinks are particularly important in his job.
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  • Mengting Gao

    Mengting Gao from Kitchen Stories

    Read about Mengting's aspirations to become an entrepreneur and her decision to get a master's degree first.
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  • Cynthia Herrera

    Cynthia Herrera Cárdenas from BNP Paribas

    Read about Cynthia's experiences in different roles within the banking sector and learn how business school helped her to get where she is today.

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  • Alexandre Matoso

    Alexandre Matoso from Samsung SDS

    Read about Alexandre's choice to get his MBA in order to broaden his education and experience.

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  • Lorilea Zabadal

    Lorilea Zabadal from Richemont

    Read about Lorilea's experience in business school and how she used her education to further her career.

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  • Ayla Haddenhorst

    Ayla Haddenhorst from Ernst & Young

    Read about Ayla's motivation to get a Master in Management degree and how she went from a science background to consulting with a focus on the insurance and banking sectors.

    Learn More

  • Gulchekhra Bakeberg

    Gulchekhra Bakeberg from PUMA

    Read about Gulchekhra's role as Sr. HR Business Partner at PUMA and hear what her greatest takeaway from business school was.

    Learn More

  • Francesca Lopez

    Francesca Lopez from Ernst & Young

    Read about Francesca's career at Ernst & Young and what inspired her to pursue a career in financial services.

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  • Tara Priya

    Tara Priya from FLO

    Read about Tara's decision to pursue a Master's degree and start her own company.

    Learn More

  • Shilpi Bhatia

    Shilpi Bhatia from the India Ministry of Finance

    Read about Shilpi's decision to pursue her business education, and how she plans to apply what she learned in her career.

    Learn More

  • Adolfo

    Adolfo Fernandez from Google

    Read about Adolfo's decision to pursue his business education, and how he applies what he learned in his current role at Google.
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  • Riccardo

    Riccardo Ocleppo from

    Read about Riccardo's business education, what he gained from his degree, and what it has meant for his career.
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