Choose a Business School

Evaluate your options and choose the MBA or Masters program that is right for you.

Choosing a business school is an exciting opportunity to consider your interests, career goals, and learning style, and match them with a program that best fits your needs. There are more degree opportunities and choices than ever before so be sure to explore all of your options.

Evaluate Schools

What’s important to you in a program? What should you consider when evaluating schools? Learn which elements of a school or program to take into consideration during the evaluation process, along with tips and advice from admissions directors, faculty, and students just like you.

  • User's Guide to Full-Time MBA Rankings

    What goes into the methodologies of the five major business school rankings, distinctive aspects of each, and other useful ranking information.

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  • Students listening

    Interactive Quiz: Should I Change Universities for My Master's Degree?

    Changing universities for a master’s degree provides you with a new experience and can broaden your network but staying at your current institution can have some advantages as well.
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  • Susan Cates

    How Do I Find the Best School For Me?

    Nothing compares to personally visiting a school to get a sense of the culture, but it’s still helpful to get advice from students, alumni, faculty, and staff.
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  • Review the Curriculum and Registration Process

    A graduate business school’s curriculum and registration process will provide a solid understanding of that program’s approach to education.
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  • Consider Faculty and Teaching Methods

    Graduate business programs tend to emphasize either research productivity or teaching quality, which will determine faculty make-up and your academic experience.
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  • Talk to Admissions Staff

    For the best information about a school’s programs, curriculum, faculty, learning environment, campus services, and student body, turn to their admissions staff.
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  • Seek Advice From Colleagues, Students, and Alumni

    Learn more about specific schools and earning a graduate business degree by talking to human resources staff and industry professionals, as well as colleagues.
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  • Mariel Furlong

    Consider a School's Alumni Network

    While location, cost, and reputation are important, hear why recent graduate Mariel Furlong considers the alumni network even more valuable during and after business school.
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  • Rate School Rankings

    School rankings might give you a quick snapshot of a program, but as they vary in methodology and quality, they are not the best way to evaluate a school.
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Study Internationally

Pursuing a graduate business degree outside of your home country provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture, land a great internship that may not exist at home, and build a global network that will benefit you throughout your career.

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    U.S. Immigration & Travel Policy Updates

    GMAC’s purpose is to ensure no talent goes undiscovered, and we are committed to providing you with resources and acting in support of students pursuing graduate management education.
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  • Studying in the United States

    If you’re interested in pursuing your graduate business degree in the United States, our guide will walk you through the visa application process.
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  • Quick Guide: Immigration Primer

    There are several important steps to take when pursuing study opportunities in the United States.
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  • Immigration Resources from Business Schools

    GMAT-using schools are a helpful resource to candidates who have questions about recent changes to United States visa and travel policies.
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  • Ten Tips for Successful International Study

    If you want to study internationally when you pursue a graduate business degree, follow our tips to ensure your experience is fulfilling and successful.
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  • Five Ways Studying Abroad Can Benefit You

    Graduate business students who choose to study abroad gain valuable international experience that will benefit them during the job search – and their careers.
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  • Convert Your Grades to the GPA Scale

    Need help converting your academic grades to GPA’s 4.0 scale? Use our GPA Conversion Table as your guide.
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  • Bharat Gupta

    Hear from Students Who Study Abroad

    Hear from one student about why he decided to pursue his MBA in the UK rather than at home in India.
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Connect with Business Schools

With so many schools and programs to choose from, finding the ones that best fit your needs can be a daunting task. Fortunately, we have some great, easy-to-use search tools that can help. The GMASS® Service is a free search service that lets schools connect with you. Getting started only takes a few minutes.

  • Use GMASS® to Help Business Schools Find You

    The GMASS® service is a free and easy way to get your talent and aspirations noticed by schools around the world. Signing up is easy.
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  • Amanda Barth

    Discover How Schools Use GMASS®

    In this video, hear how one business school successfully used the GMASS service to connect with a student they felt would be an excellent fit for their program.
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  • Find Recruiting Events

    One of the best ways to learn more about a particular school or program is by attending a recruiting event – find one near you.
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  • GMASS® Using Schools Are Looking for You

    Each year, over 500 institutions throughout the world seek out prospective students through the GMASS® service.
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  • Dan

    Learn How Students Use GMASS® to Find the Right Program

    Hear how graduate business students benefited from the GMASS service during their school search process.
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