Six Key Steps to Your Graduate Business Degree

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Feeling a little overwhelmed with the business school admissions process? 

While there are no short cuts to speed up the admissions process, following these 6 proven steps will help keep you organized and focused:

1. Assess Your Strengths

Whatever your future career goals may be, take an objective look at your past experiences, your motivations, and your abilities with a detailed self-assessment.

2. Decide Your Career Path

The best time to decide on your career path is now, before the application process starts. Not only do business schools look for students who have clearly defined goals, but the more focused you are, the more you will get out of school.


3. Know How You Fit In

Whether it’s in an interview or in your application, admissions officers want to know if you are a good fit for their program and can succeed academically and professionally. Be ready to highlight how your interests and abilities relate to program offerings and make a convincing case that you are a strong, compatible candidate.

4. Study For and Take the GMAT Exam

Doing well on the GMAT exam requires planning and preparation. Start studying well in advance of your exam date, and register on for access to free preparation materials.

5. Choose a School and Program

Selecting a graduate business school and program that best matches your present interests and future career goals depend on many factors, each of which you must weigh when making your choice.


6. Seek out a Mentor

Ask a trusted colleague or supervisor to be your mentor and help guide you through not only the admissions process, but business school as well. Their advice and support may be invaluable. 

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