Deciding on a Specialized Master's Program

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If you want to have a bigger impact in your chosen field, a specialized master's program might be right for you.

A specialized master's is ideal for anyone who wants to take their chosen profession to the next level, or for careers that require an in-depth background in specific areas like accounting, finance, and marketing. Hear why these current and former students chose a specialized master's over a traditional MBA, and how their degrees are helping them.

Why I Chose a Master's in Marketing Management

"I decided to pursue a specialized masters because I am passionate about marketing and would like to cultivate my knowledge in that subject."

Deciding on a Specialized Master's in Auditing

"I had been working with my father in Colombia in his accounting firm, where we did some external audit work. I decided I wanted to pursue a masters in the same subject."

Moving from Nursing to Management with a Master's in Accounting

"While working in a hospital, I took on more of a leadership role and got involved in the budget process. I felt like business processes had a large impact on what I wanted to do."

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