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The GMAT exam is a reliable indicator of academic potential for graduate management study. A high reliability means that test takers perform similarly when they repeat the exam multiple times.

Retake Rules and Policies:

You may retake the GMAT exam:

  • Once every 16 calendar days
  • No more than five times in a rolling 12-month period
  • No more than eight times total

In the scheduling tool, if you enter a date fewer than 16 days from your last appointment date, you will receive an error message asking you to choose another date.

Please read the GMAT Handbook for further details on our policies and any retest policy appeals

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So, should you retake the test? In making your decision, it may be helpful to think about these two key questions:

  1. Who retakes the GMAT exam and why?
  2. How does the retake impact their results?

Who Retakes the GMAT Exam and Why?

The GMAT exam is given more than a quarter of a million times each year, and approximately a fifth of those exams are being taken by people who have taken the exam before. Most candidates who score below a 600 report say they are likely to take the exam again.

Note that research indicates that repeat exam takers had trouble pacing themselves while taking the GMAT exam the first time.  As evidence, they were far more likely to have failed to finish either the Quantitative or Verbal portion of the exam.

How Does the Retake Impact Their Results?

A review of the most recent GMAT exam data from 2014-2016 shows that average gains are modest, and dependent on the first exam score.

Our Observations*:

  • If the candidate’s first exam score was below 500, they were more likely to see a bigger increase in their results the next time they took the exam.
  • If the candidate’s first exam score was between 600-640, they were more likely to see a moderate increase in their results the next time they took the exam.
  • If the candidate’s first exam score was greater than 700, they were least likely to see any impact on their results.

The Bottom Line: Should You Retake Your Exam?

If you didn’t finish a section or if you have reason to believe you did not perform as well as you could have, it may be worth taking the exam again.

*Based on data collected in the GMAT Test Prep Summit Survey 2016

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Hear why Jon Kaplan, formerly of the Argyos School of Business, and now Assistant Dean, Full-Time MBA and Specialty Masters Programs at UC Irvine -The Paul Merage School of Business, recommends taking the test a second or third time if you’re not happy with your first score.

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