Showcase Your Extracurricular Activities on Your Business School Application

woman in pink shirt

Extracurricular and community activities are a great way to showcase your many talents.

Graduate business schools are interested in well-rounded candidates. Highlighting extracurricular activities allows you to demonstrate soft skills, or how successful you are in the “real world,” outside the classroom and office.

In fact, a graduate business school candidate with a reasonable academic performance who accomplished a lot outside of class may be viewed as favorably, if not more so, than someone with a perfect GPA and nothing else to show for his or her time.

Before you write about your extracurricular or community activities, consider the following:

  • Emphasize activities that show multitasking capabilities, well-roundedness, and leadership.
  • Be prepared to talk about your contributions and what you did personally to make a difference.
  • Provide only pertinent information. Highly personal information may not be relevant or useful.
  • Be particularly mindful of religious or political affiliations. Determine whether potential gains, such as demonstrating leadership, outweigh the possibility for negative perceptions or bias.

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