Exactly How Long is the New GMAT™ exam?

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We've improved your testing experience!

Last month, we shared some big news that the GMAT exam is now 30 minutes shorter. You might be wondering how we accomplished this, while maintaining the quality and integrity that you and graduate business schools have come to expect from the GMAT exam.

The table below details the total time for each section of the new GMAT exam and for comparison, the current data available on the GRE.

Here’s the breakdown of what changed with the new GMAT exam:

  1. The Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections are now shorter
  2. Some of the tutorial screens previously presented only in the Testing Center are now available to you in advance for review prior to test day (Check out the online tutorial)
  3. Best of all, the actual time you spend taking the exam is now just over three hours

And here’s what didn’t change:

  1. The amount of time you have for each question
  2. The Analytical Writing Assessment and Integrated Reason sections of the exam
  3. The two optional eight-minute breaks.

And most importantly,

    4. The GMAT scoring algorithm didn't change.

We made these improvements with one goal—to create a better testing experience, so that you can do your personal best on test day.

If you’re serious about a graduate management education, the GMAT exam is the test for you. It’s the only test purpose-built for global business school admissions and the most widely accepted exam *.

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